For the next MNMT podcast we welcome Simone Gatto and Distant Echoes. Both DJ’s and producers, the two have founded Italy’s Out–Er label in 2011, and they also are involved in other imprints such as Dystopian or Curle RecordsFor this podcast, we had a small interview with them.

Hello Andrea and Simone, first let’s talk about the mix. Could you describe the work process of this mix – how did you prepare the track selection and how did you collaborate when recording the set?

We wanted to create a hypnotic mix that could reflect our techno philosophy. We spent an afternoon together to choose the right tracks and then we mixed them.

You both are from Italy. Can you describe the scene there and what makes it so special?

In a territory full of beautiful locations and breathtaking views, the current clubbing scene in southern Italy is fragmented and very resized. There are many valid artists but few interesting parties and opportunities to express ourselves. We try to keep the scene alive as much as possible, involving people in events where we try to make them listen and dance to the best electronic music. It has been a great success, and we will definitely do it again in the next few months when we have the chance.

In 2010 you founded Out–Er. How did you up come with the idea to start your own label, and what is the concept behind your work?

We teamed up with a few other artist-friends with the aim of creating a solid collective that represents the sound of our territory, Lecce in South Italy, wishing to export our musical vision. At that time we were just starting our path that brought us here. We were living in Berlin, and it was a key point for us – we were sharing ideas with people of a bigger scene, we were not used to in the South Italy, and it let us grow. The concept was to create a platform to release our tracks and music from artists we respected.

This summer Out-Er organised an event series in Italy, featuring artists like Inland, Efdemin and Irakli. What kind of feedback you got from the artists and the crowd?

It’s been an intense summer. An overwhelming crowd danced with us until the very last record of all eight parties. Three months of techno, hugs and positivity. All the artists involved gave us very positive feedback. We have picked one of the most beautiful spots on the South Italy’s Ionian coast, Fico D’India in Porto Selvaggio, to dance the warmest house and techno in front of a rare sea-view, from the sunset to the sunrise. Our summer parties offered a fresh alternative in comparison to the local mainstream scene, differentiating for atmosphere, free entry and qualitative servies, that normally are seen as fiction in our area.

Andrea, you are also known for your productions on Dystopian. Tell us how you met and joined the Dystopian label.

I was living in Berlin at that time and I had the chance to get in touch with Mike (Rødhåd)  during a Dystopian party. From that moment I shared my music and he started playing my tracks in his sets, we understood that we got the same vision of music. The step to get involved in the Dystopian family was so natural with also all the other members of the crew that they decided to release my first EP.

Simone, in a few weeks your EP with Aubrey comes out on Curle Records. You have already worked with him before – how is the collaboration? What is the process like when you meet up in the studio?

There are really few artists with whom I feel comfortable to make music with: Aubrey is one of them. We know each other very well and we always enjoy working in the studio and playing in back to back. When we meet in the studio, there is usually no default process. Depending on the mood, we start playing the synthesisers, creating a groove.

If you had the choice, with who would you like to work together for a production?

We would like to keep working with the artists already involved in the label and who get our vision: Efdemin and Inland above all.

Last question, what are your plans for the future? Can we expect something special from you?

Yes, in the near future there will be many exciting news coming from both of us and from the label. We continue releasing wide electronic and electroacoustic music on our sub-label Pregnant Void and working on more Out-Er releases of course… yet we like to unveil our projects step by step. Stay tuned!



Dj Spider & Phil Moffa – Busted Main

 Simone Gatto – Today Will Be Tomorrow feat. Kaelan

Terrence Dixon – In Orbit

Terrence Dixon – Multiple Choice (Cosmin TRG Remix)

Inland – R-13 (BNJMN Remix)

Simone Gatto – Maseo

LaChriz – Truthery (Marco Zenker Remix)

Fabrizio Lapiana – Square 61

Haiku & Irakli – Alien Talks

Distant Echoes – Modetest8

Inland – R-13

Simone Gatto – Take One

Terrence Dixon – Untitled

Terrence Dixon – Temporary Insanity (Voiski Remix)

Santorini – Wax Not Wax

Frequency VS Atkins – Entourage

Buck – Sunday Off

Aubrey – Spinning Sideways