In August Monument premiered another beautiful bunch of new techno. Please enjoy all the August 2018 premieres, all combined for you in this post.

PRG/M – Homeostasis

The Italian producer PRG/M, also known as one fourth of the techno quartet r²π, releases an EP on Italian @DelirioRecordings. The Gaia Aeterna EP is a two-tracker with dark, bold and deep techno tracks, that are inspired by the nature.  Monument premiered Homeostasis, an ominous, dark, hypnotising yet playful opening track of the release.

Ireen Amnes – Unconscious Mind

@IreenAmnes is the first artist to release under a new, London-based Kombinat, a label that aims to support emerging techno and experimental artists.

Amnes’ Duality of Self EP is a five-tracker filled with dark and industrial sounds. We premiered the title track of the release, also featuring mechanical elements and interesting bass lines.

Bylly – Carbon (HD Substance remix)

The UK-based @DeadCertRecords is back with their 39th release, this time from the Polish producer @Bylly909. The Drowned in Time EP is a four-tracker including hypnotic, haunting and eerie melodies but also thumping bass and dance-floor friendly soundscapes. Monument premiered techno veteran @Hd-Substance‘s hypnotising yet energetic remix of the track Carbon, it also being the end track of the release.

Dycide – Eyath

@Dycide is a name that you will hear more and more in the upcoming months. Founder of @IOrecs, he’s constantly producing and releasing quality tunes. His next Balder EP is no exception: subtle, well-balanced music that will take you on a peaceful techno journey.

RAUM – Counter Initiates

The Belgium-based producer RAUM releases his debut LP on Clan Destine Records. Wreck the Bloodline EP features industrial and non-binary rhythms, that are blent with eery textures and psyched-out atmospheres. Monument premiered track Counter Initiates, a great example of the interesting, textured and industrial mood of the album.

Christian Varela – Discipline

@CristianVarela, one of Spain’s pioneering techno producers releases an EP under UK-based label @Emphatic-Records. The Discipiline EP is an example of the producer’s new, hypnotic and dark direction, and is finished with dark and ambient ending.

Jamida – Shelter (Ness Remix)

After organising club and warehouse parties for several years in Prague, @Harmony-Rec steps out with their first release. The vinyl version of Berlin-based @Ja-mida‘s Shelter EP features three dubby and melancholic ambient tracks, and the digital version, then, comes with two bonus tracks.

Monument premiered the remixed name track of the EP. With his remix, @Ness, the Italian pioneer of hypnotic techno adds some extra drive and progressiveness to the idea of the original track.

Primal Code – Varanasi

The Italian @PrimalCodeMusic released their awaited first full-length album with Swedish @Hypnus. True to the duo’s deep, hypnotising and dreamy style, La Via Della Seta LP consists of eight tracks that take the listener to a trip to somewhere else. Monument premiered track Varanasi from the releases B-side.

Allen – Override

Fabrizio Lapiana‘s @Attic-Music launches a new V/A series that celebrates the label’s 10th anniversary and its home city Rome. The first episode of the series features Insolate, Abstract Division, Allen and a fellow Italian Claudio PRC.

Monument’s pick for the premiere was Allen’s (@Portal-Techno) Override, a driving and hypnotising track induced with textured soundscapes.

Hioll – System 33

@Hioll, founder of @AbstractionRecordLabel, the first techno collective and imprint of Cuba, releases HIOL002. Mighty techno and powerful sounds made for the dancefloor permeate the four tracks of the EP.

Monument premiered track System 33, found from the release’s B-side.

Denise Rabe – Another Day

The Berlin-based @DeniseRabe retuns to her own Rabe-imprint with her signature haunting, fluid and evolving soundscapes. The Frogs Pick the King EP is a four-tracker consisting of two original tracks plus reworks by Orphx and Nur Jaber. Monument premieres Another Day, an eerie and melodic yet dreamy opening track of the release.

Emika Elena – Spiral Light

@EmikaElena, a Tokyo-based producer and label boss on the rise releases an EP on her own imprint. The Spiral Light EP marks the second release of Human Lessons (@EmikaElenaHml), and the four-tracker also includes remixes by Alfredo Mazzilli and Mental Resonance.

Valya Kan – Time Capsule

@ValyaKan drops Dust and Haze LP under Spencer Parker‘s Work Them Records. The Russian producer’s debut album is filled with dubby soundscapes, murky tones, interesting textures and well-planned drops of acid.

Monument premieres track Time Capsule, one of the mesmerising and deep tracks of the album.

Giorgio Gigli & Bichord – Make Sure To Never Miss A Thing

@Deepbass‘s Informa Records launches a new series of releases, differing from the label’s signature sounds. The first edition of Informa Introspections features the collaboration of Italians @GiorgioGigli and @Bichord.

In the Meantime EP is a dark and melodic release made with minimal amount of elements.

Isolated Lines – Particule (feat. Gotshell)

@IsolatedLines releases Front Line EP under Swiss label @SbireMusic. The first tracks of the release are made in collaboration with @Gotshell, followed by Isolated Lines going solo on the releases flip-side. We premiered the first of the collaboration tracks, Particule, fuelled by grinding bass and howling atmospherics.

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Photo by Xuan Nguyen