In July Monument was happy to premiere another bunch of fantastic tracks, varying from atmospheric ambient to hypnotic and textured faster techno. Please enjoy all the July premieres, all combined for you in this post.

Claudio PRC – Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix)

The Gods Planet (TGP) is back with their 13th release, featuring previously released tracks by the label heads Claudio PRC and Ness, now remixed by fellow Italians Luigi Tozzi and Alan Backdrop.

Monument premieres Luigi Tozzi‘s remix of Claudio PRC‘s Night Shift, a track that was part of his debut album 012, released with TGP earlier this year. Read more about Claudio PRC’s debut album 012 from here.

Sciahri – Ira

The Sublunar Recordings co-founder @Sciahri is back to his own imprint with Metamorphosis EP. The release is filled with the artist’s familiar sounds, balancing between textured sounds, dreamy atmospheres and overall spacey feels. Monument premieres track Ira from the record’s B-side, a dark yet energetic track that encapsulates Sciahri’s highly textured signature sounds.

Eyth – Yans

Quality driving deep techno from Warok Music co-founder Eyth.

Svarog – Decepticons

Svarog, the Ukrainian master of dark, evocative and textured sounds releases a five-track EP with Colombian @NorthallsenRecords. Named as Transformers EP, the release also includes remixes from Alderaan and Aleja Sandchez. Monument is premiering Decepticons, a modern, trippy and dark track that is enriched with a hypnotising, growling bass.

Hiver – Archetype

The Italian duo Hiver offers us a new journey, part of a big compilation soon to come on Just This. The track is an evolving techno anthem – almost trancy – tinted of subtle acid touches. In two words: Hiver style. We love it.

Uun – Exhumed II.III

Uun’s track explores the connection between Tibetan chanting and it’s modern contemporary counterpart in thoughtful techno. Read more about the release here.

Ryogo Yamamori – The Throne Is Eternity

The Japanese producer Ryogo Yamamori returns to his own label @951Beat with a fresh release. The Throne is Eternity EP is a four-tracker of trippy soundscapes, fine details and a combination of tough and heavy beats – the guaranteed Yamamori sound. Monument premieres the name track of the EP.

Anasisana – Waves Of Sentiment

After breaking in to the scene in late 2017, @Anasisana is back with Stuck in Between Worlds Colliding EP. The release is under newly founded and Berlin-based label Vaknar, a sub-label of @Vaagner, also founded this year. Monument premieres track Waves of Sentiment, that showcases the solicitous melodies and melancholy ambient sounds being the signature soundscapes of the artist.