Also in June Monument premiered a variety of tracks, all the way from ambient to faster-paced, harder techno, from established names to smaller artists. Here are all the tracks from the month of June.

Refracted – Ray

Founded last year by Sciahri and Dagdrom, Sublunar Records presents their third release, this time by Refracted. The Meta EP is a four-tracker of guaranteed Refracted sound, combining heavy and tough beats, trippy soundscapes and fine details.

Monument previews Ray, perhaps the most trippy and atmospheric track of the release, still being a dancefloor-ready banger – of course in a delicate way.

Shlomi Aber – Night Coasters

The renowned producer ShlomiAber launches his most underground project so far in the form of vinyl-only label Lost Episodes.

The label’s first release focuses on the boss himself, and the Episode 1 EP presents four atmospheric, hypnotising and simple tracks made with analogue tools.

Night Coasters, the second track from the EP is Monument’s pick for the preview. The dark and deep track takes the listener to a trip that consists of bleeping elements and gritty sounds.

Simone Bauer – Ambra

Impressive through its detailed atmosphere, Simone Bauer‘s Ambra sounds like the soundtrack of an in-forest ritual.

Skóll – I

A dreamy and pure journey which makes us travel somewhere between water and sky, by the talented emerging Swedish artist Skóll.

Flaminia – Fear Of Fire

The London-based artist Flaminia (aka Elohk, Flamme) releases her debut vinyl release with the British Metempsychosis Records imprint.

The Illusion In Fire EP is an interesting four-track release of modern, distorted, dark and percussive sounds, including remixes from Headless Horseman and Ancestral Voices.

Monument is previewing Fear of Fire, the opening track of the EP. The track, including delicate experimental elements and sounds, sets the haunting tone of the whole release.

 HOBI – Hedonic Calculus

The Italian producer Hobimusic launches his own vinyl-only label. Founded in June this year and named simply as HOBI, the imprint releases its first EP from the label boss himself.

The Odyssey of Mind EP is a truly mesmerising four-tracker of interesting deep and experimental sounds, defining the identity and the soundscape of the label.

Monument previews Hedonic Calculus, the dark and atmospheric opening track with carefully chosen hypnotic and experimental elements.

Trømmel – Meta (Cambio)

Focusing on diverse and contemporary electronic music, the Spanish label Sungate brings out their fourth release, this time from the Madrid-based artist Trømmel.

The five tracks of the Hiatus EP are inspired by different stages of life, and Monument previews the track Meta (Cambio) from the B-side, concluding the smooth and tastefully built release.

Josef Gaard – 2929 (Avancera Remix)

Kalawila’s Mountain Exposion Device is back with a strong techno release. The split 12″ will host the track 2929 by Josef Gaard on the A-side, a spacy yet mental atmospheric techno journey, while the B-side is showcasing the debut of Avancera – the new collaborative project of Dorisburg and Kalawila – with an excellent stripped-down ritualistic remix.

Pfirter – Anti Routine

Under his own label MindTrip, the Argentinian producer Pfirter releases the next edition of his fresh EP-series. Named as Mutable Minds, the series aims to combine diverse sounds and different musical backgrounds of selected artists.

The Mutable Minds II EP is, to the letter, the next take on the series. Starting with heavier A-side with tracks from Pfirter and Fixeer, the B-side then moves to a deeper direction with Kuf & Dold and Jonas Kopp.  Monument premieres the opening track Anti Routine, written by the label boss himself and featuring his trademark modular effect and giving an energetic opening for the release.

AM – Shape IV

Monument introduces the mysterious duo AM aka atomic-moog with Shape IV, a well-balanced track which perfectly combines atmospheric pads with a soft techno groove; a music for the body and the mind.

Jacopo Bacci – Zhēnyán

Francesco della Sala’s and Viels’s imprint End of Perception is back with a mesmerising V/A with tracks from hypnotic techno pioneers Ness and Deepbass, as well as Primal Code, Münch, Alpi and Jacopo Bacci.

Monument is pleased to premiere track Zhēnyán by Italian Jacopo Bacci. The track, including sophisticated elements, deep and dark bassline and hypnotising vocals is a great introduction to the sound of the talented producer and to the mood of the release in general.

Sigha – Circular

After releasing Metabolism LP last year, the London-based Sigha makes another comeback to Token imprint with Untitled EP.

As with his earlier releases Puritan and it’s variation New Puritan, the producer is working around a certain theme also with this release, maintaining similarities but simultaneously illuminating the differences. Monument premieres the EP’s opening track Circular, that has a tight, meditative loop. The closing track, then, looks at the same loop but from a further distance.