Kynant (UK) presents an exclusive vinyl mix, consisting of tracks from their back-catalogue. Get your ears ready for the deep, hypnotic, sound, and check out the short interview to learn more about the label.

Tell us how you started the label. 
I was working in the music industry and DJing a bit whilst at university in London. I realised quickly that what I enjoyed more than trying to make music or DJing, was 
curating and sharing other people’s music, .. from the age of 18 i knew i wanted to start a record label and so straight after university I moved to Berlin (a much better place to start a techno label than London, in my opinion) and starting planning the label. Meeting Max Durante was a turning point, he was a mentor to me whilst planning the label and he did the first two releases (as well as his debut album with me in February this year). He connected me with guys like Donato Dozzy and Neel which was amazing and he taught me a lot. We’re still very close friends and will continue to work together.
What was your inspiration? 
Moving to Berlin and meeting Max were for sure inspirations. Also the early London dubstep scene which i grew up with was a big inspiration in terms of space in the music, rhythm and bass weight… and the hypnotic feel of early dub techno records, which i got totally obsessed with at some point during the planning of the label.
What is your plan for the label? 
I will continue to release techno records but also explore some ambient/experimental techno and dub techno. i would love to try working with a dub techno vocalist at some point, and release more albums. A TM404 & Echologist album is certainly part of the plans. Those guys are doing something really special i think.. its a very interesting collaboration that im proud to have inspired. The idea of new collaborations and remixes is especially interesting to me because, as somebody who does not make music myself, arranging special collaborations is one way to put more of my own imagination into the music. I want to do start doing events next year too.
How can you explain the Kynant sound? 
Dark, physical, hypnotic and (most importantly) unusual. The releases should not sound like the 100s of other techno records coming out every week.. maybe not all supporters of the label will like all of the records, but that is ok for me.
You must put a lot of work into making, and selecting tracks to your label. Is it worth it? and why? 
It 100% worth it. Running a label doesn’t come with the instant gratification that DJs get from seeing people dancing, smiling etc.. but still when i receive a box of new records, or an artist sends me an amazing demo, or I hear a DJ playing one of my releases in a club… that feeling is worth all the paperwork, time and costs involved with running a label. I live for it!
Anything else?
Shout out to the artists making the music and my friend Grant Alexander who mixed the podcast.
TM404 & Echologist – Adjustments (VRIL Remix) – KYN010

Max Durante – EX-P03 (with Fabrizio D’Arcangelo) – KYN008
Echologist – Candy Mountain – KYN005
TM404 & Echologist – Dunes – Unreleased
Black Sand – Black Sea – KYN002

Tensal – Inertia 1 (Mike Parker Remix) – KYN006

Steven Porter – Romance Tip – KYN009
Max Durante – EX-P07 – KYN008
Tensal – Inertia 4 – KYN003
Vohkinne – Watching Over Us – KYN004
Tensal – Inertia 2 – KYN003
Echologist – Dirtbox – KYN005
Black Sand – High Tide – KYN002
TM404 & Echologist – Playground – KYN007
Max Durante – Biocentrism (Donato Dozzy Remix) – KYN001
Max Durante – EX-P01 – KYN008