Festival-goers can buy tickets or anything else with a mobile phone in just 30 seconds.

Parallel Festival, a techno festival promoting differentiated and disruptive musical paradigms, this year differentiate itself by offering the possibility to the audience to make all the purchases聽with cryptocurrencies. Wanting to contribute to the use of this growing technology, Parallel will not use different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for the purchase of advance tickets, but they will also accept them during the three days of the festival. Attendees can thus buy their drinks, food or merchandise with this new technology.

Parallel Festival 2017 vibes

鈥淎lthough we are surrounded by nature and logistics can be more complicated than in other places, we do not want to give up trying new technologies and we have always liked to do things differently,鈥 said Parallel Festival when they announced the news.

Cryptocurrencies purchases at Parallel Festival 2018

With a multicultural audience, of more than 60% being foreigners coming from Europe, Japan, USA and Australia, and with the goal of delivering a unique experience for each attendee, Paral鈥el wants to ease the process of transactions by accepting cryptocurrencies. 聽

鈥淭he usage of such technology is quite simple, we use CoinGate, which is the same as PayPal for cryptocurrencies. This platform allows us both having a shopping cart in our website and an app to sell tickets, food, drinks and more at the festival,鈥 emphasized the festival. In this way, festival goers can buy tickets or anything else with a mobile phone in just 30 seconds.

With the fluctuations going on the cryptocurrencies market, the festival does not see it as a problem. The main base of festival payment is euro and when a user buys his/her tickets with Bitcoin lets say, the system calculates its change to euro in real-time. Besides the satisfaction on participating in this innovative technology, the attendees can benefit as there are no commissions on the money transfer while there is no need to change currencies to euro for those coming from non-EU countries.


Parallel Festival entered the scene of music festivals in Spain in 2016 as an exceptional festival, doing things differently, with the intention to offer each festival goers a singular experience.

The philosophy of the festival held at the gates of the Pyrenees at the end of each summer encompasses three main concepts:

  • it’s site in the mountains of Guardiola de Bergued脿;
  • a curatorial selection of artists from the techno, ambient and experimental scene; and
  • a limited capacity to 1000 people.

Refracted performance at Parallel Festival 2017

The third edition of Parallel Festival will be held on the 31st of August and the 2nd of September 2018. Exploring experimental, ambient and techno musical aesthetics, Parallel delivers a 35 hours journey of happiness drive by artists such as Alan Backdrop, Guillam, Luigi Tozzi (LIVE), Dasha Rush, Forest Drive West and four more names will聽be announced soon.

Besides adopting innovative technology, Parallel has announced a change in its site, as such giving a bold unique experience for its attendees.

Parallel Festival 2018 artist announcement

The festival offers different services, including transport by shuttle bus from Barcelona and affordable prices to sleep in teepee tents for all the lucky ones that will聽be part of the Parallel experience.

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