With connections to Freddy K, Unbroken Booking and the highly influential M_Rec LTD, PVS is no stranger to the European techno community. Having released on a number of labels, including his own imprint H.omevvork, PVS has more than earned his reputation as an in demand producer and DJ. Ahead of his mix for Monument 160, we sat down for a few words about his label, new album and the Italian techno sound.

How did you get into techno?

When I got to knew Alessio (Freddy K) , I already had 2 projects before. I choose the sound that I have as PVS after a musical path and I was also influenced by the stories about the philosophy of techno that I heard about from Alessio. At the time, I was 22-23 years old and for young Roman DJs, Freddy K is a hero… for me personally, he became a mentor.


Alongside your releases on other labels, you also run your own imprint ‘H.omevvork’. What inspired you to start the label, and how do you decide what to release on it and what to send out to others?

I was inspired to have something that is mine, only mine, my sound and being able to release music of artists I respect. Also because I am not a purist of techno music, I have a lot of contamination from my history as an artist and previous projects that I have done, so sometimes it was hard for me to find a label who totally loves my tracks and wants to release it on their label. There isn’t really a big secret behind the choice and decision of what tracks are being released on h.omevvork and what tracks are being released on other labels. It is simply a matter of feelings, rather than solely logic.


Your music is very distinctive but still retains some of that particular ‘Italian’ sound, atmospheric and hypnotic. How important do you think this Italian sound is in the scene today, and do you think it will continue to rise in popularity?

I really hope that the Italian sound will rise in popularity! I am really proud hearing people say that I am part of the Italian electronic music scene. Some might even say that I am undervalued in Italy, but I listen to many promo’s every week that I receive from other Italian artists and I have the feeling we will survive, hehe! But definitely I can say that the level and quality of the music produced is high!


Your debut LP is coming out soon on Freddy K’s KEY Vinyl imprint. Can you tell us anything about the album and why you chose KEY Vinly to release it?

The album my personal tribute to the crowd. All the tracks are projects that I did after my gigs, when I came back in my studio, when the memories are still alive and vivid in your head, the morning in every city I played….. for one year. I started producing the tracks that you will find on the album in a moment of break with releasing new stuff on my label H.omevvork, I kind of started without a clear goal. After a some months working on the album, I was with Alessio in my apartment and I told to him about these projects. He really liked the tracks and a good bbq did the rest (eheh).  Anyway, I see this album only released on KEY Vinyl and no other label as the tracks really fit the philosophy of KEY Vinyl.


Finally, where do you see yourself as an artist and label owner in the future?

I hope to keep continue working with serious people and artists that I respect and I hope to give the techno scene my personal contribution by keep providing solid releases and great DJ sets. Nothing more!



Big thanks to PVS for the insight. Be sure to check out the podcast!