AZF is the rare kind of DJ who is genuinely enigmatic. There is little written about her online in English. Monument 158 shows AZF’s uniqueness as a DJ – to weld together hard, hostile techno tracks into something severe and intimidating of her own making.

Audrey Carcassone began her DJ career on a whim some time in 2012-2013. Her presence in the Parisian techno scene since has been comprehensive. It started at Chez Moune, a girl’s techno party where she ended up behind the decks one night. She went on to become a resident at Java, with her own project Thursday Midnight. This went on for three years, every week. Now a resident for Rinse France, AZF has bought her distinctively powerful skill to Monument.

Qui Embrouille Que – a new type of festival

In 2018, her latest project is Qui Embrouille Qui. The festival embodies a punk ethos. Everyone is paid the same. There is no headliner. It’s working towards a different kind of club space, one where no one gets left behind.

Maybe the most different thing about AZF is that she doesn’t shy away from politics. Although it’s not necessarily a direct part of her music, it’s definitely informed by it. She’s not afraid to voice what she doesn’t like; whether thats guys getting grabby on dancefloors, people filming the night through their camera phones, or people asking her why she plays more male or female artists in her sets.

It’s clear that Audrey sees the music she wields as something bigger than herself. As something to engage and interact with as part of a dialogue, with the world and society somewhere in between that communication.

Holding that part in the techno scene makes AZF a substantial figure. It’s difficult to deliver techno music and not seem small as a person in comparison to the sound system you’re working behind. Audrey carries something hard to come by in music; attitude.

AZF is at Tresor on 20/4 as part of the immense female:pressure series.

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Qui Embrouille Qui