Artists: Astronomy Domine, Yuka, Electric Indigo
Release: Yuka & Electric Indigo (incl. remixes by Astronomy Domine) – Deepwater Compilation Vol.3
Release Date: March 13, 2018

Turin-based producer Astronomy Domine presents an EP with his remixes of Yuka’s and Electric Indigos tracks, released with his OVUNQVE label.

The original tracks Rotation and Settanta get a treatment that takes the listener to deeper, hypnotising realities, where the echoes of human sound come from some unknown, alternate depths.

The EP is a great combination of two erratic, mysterious, deep and experimental tracks, that build and progress in a sophisticated way not letting the tension slip for a second. It also serves as a great example of slower, experimental and atmospheric take on contemporary techno.

The EP is a a predecessor of OVUNQVE’s coming 3CD release Deepwater Compilation vol.3, with tracks for example from Aleja Sanchez, Shaded Explorer and Primal Code. Yuka’s original track Rotation is also to be found from the album, out in April 15th. 

You can buy the Astronomy Domine’s two remixes here and pre-order the whole Deepwater Compilation Vol. 3 here