Owner of Swedish label, Mountain Explosion Device, Kalawila is no stranger to polarising landscapes. His unique background, Sri Lankan heritage and Swedish upbringing, conjure up images of frozen jungles and snakes on the tundra. These images are the foundations upon which he builds his craft, evoking feelings of something feral, yet oddly melancholic.

Regulars of Stockholm’s Under Bron might recognize the resident DJ’s unique & subtle approach as he plays irresistible rhythmic arrangements disguised as “quiet techno”. Often championing a forward leaning style, Kalawila fends off brash musical statements by delicately dotting his tracks with moments of intensity, allure & curiosity.

For this specially crafted mix, he told us “Here’s a winter mix I recorded to get me through those dark Swedish hours. My way of dealing with the automatic melancholy that ensues. I tried some new stuff, experimenting with tempos and moods a bit more but still tried to keep it cohesive.

The Swedish artist has kept himself busy over the past year, working on multiple projects simultaneously, including his latest collaboration with fellow Swede, Dorisburg. The duo worked on a remix for label Mountain Explosion Device’s next release, “2929” by Josef Gaard. Keep your eye out for this one. More prospects are soon on the horizon.

Mountain Explosion Device on Bandcamp,
Kalawila on Soundcloud

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Photo: Brad Guay.