Precisely on BLÅ’s 20th anniversary, we are more than happy to announce that we will open a new chapter by hosting a club night at this legendary venue. Being a former warehouse for storage of gold and diamonds, the location opened its doors for the first time on February 28th 1998. On February 23rd 2018, we will kick off our new club night by inviting techno mastermind Neel to the brick house on the banks of Aker river.

Over the past decades BLÅ has made itself a name as a venue for a variety of regular events that each in their own way have somehow become institutions in the cultural landscape of Norway’s capital: Concerts, literature events, bingo nights (!) and a number of regular club nights representing and combining many different genres. From hip-hop and soul, over glitch-pop, space disco, house and techno to boogie and back.

Making visible the invisible
Besides offering high quality music experiences, the people behind BLÅ define one of their main visions as “making visible the invisible, and excluding nothing”, or as it reads in Norwegian: “å synliggjøre det usynlige og ingenting er utelukket”. With the new series of club nights at BLÅ we at Monument share this vision.

We want to show that techno is not only meant for basement raves, Henning Karwowski, founder at Monument, says. Techno is more than strobes and darkness. It’s also about light, respect, warmth, inclusion and pleasant music. Techno is for everyone!

After throwing Monument parties at various locations in Oslo over the past years, we are happy to try out BLÅ as a new location for techno. There are also going to be satellite Monument parties in different countries across the world. A rave in Stockholm is planned for March, hopefully with more to come in Copenhagen, Seattle, Berlin and New York.

Opening up
For the special occasion of opening the new club night we have invited Italian artist Giuseppe Tillieci, aka Neel. Alongside Donato Dozzy he is one half of techno duo Voices From The Lake – and one of the finest DJs of the past decade. With him we want to set the standard of our club nights, representing a steady program of high quality techno, open for everyone to experience this beautiful and multifaceted genre.

To nurture all your senses and make the night complete, artist Henrik Nordahl will present a live organic light show and the French artist VBC [Vibrance] will warm up the night.

This will be the time and place where all of you can come as you are, dance as you wish, float with the music and be in a state of love and freedom.



Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad.

We hope to see you all there!