For this years NYE Podcast we are thrilled to welcome Inigo Kennedy. A mainstay on the scene for 20 years, Inigo has proved himself as one of the genres key players with a host of lauded releases for various labels as well the work on his own imprint, Asymmteric. Inigo has provided us with an exclusive studio mix for this podcast, which features a number of new releases from labels like Token, Soma and Mord. Enjoy!

Patricia – Shiba Inu Dub [spc-138]

Antigone – Ostinato II [token75]

Border One – Copylust [icr010]

Slam – Convection [soma502d]

Tripeo – #15 [trip8]

Antigone x ÿ [Phase] – Icosahedron Flood [token78]

Voidloss – A Wonderful Blizzard To Lose Myself [subd66]

Inigo Kennedy x Kr!z – Amalgam [token78]

Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed (Slam Remix) [soma500]

Boston 168 – Acid Morning [enemy027]

Kmyle – Telepathic Synchrony [skryptom33]

Cleric – Moxie [soma503]

Boston 168 – Rise Again [atticl02]

Patrick Walker – Turning Point [afr020]

Scalameriya & VSK – Silver [mordbox002]

Kangding Ray – Optimum Perkin Flames [mordbox002]

Kr!z x Ctrls – Comets [token78]

MA – Ma Ni Au [semantica92]

Oscar Mulero x Inigo Kennedy – Catharsis [token78]