Mattia Trani is releasing an eclectic re-up of his debut album from last year – THE HI-TECH MISSION. A collection of artists, each from a different part of the world, have remixed Trani’s originals. The idea for the album, released by Pushmaster Discs, was to showcase techno remix approaches from all over the world.

We’ve got the first listen to Echoplex’ interpretation of Low Tech Descending. Check it out below:

This is the biggest project for Pushmaster so far. The huge pack of remixes is out this Friday December 15th on double-disc or Digital. Echoplex’s entry is just the beginining – the rest of the tracks are covered by remixes by Ben Sims, DJ Rush, Detroit Techno Militia… Other previews are coming soon. Echoplex himself has been consistently covering ground in the techno industry. Back in November, Echoplex provided a stellar mix for the Monument podcast series:

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