Thomas P. Heckmann doesn’t need much introduction. The German producer’s contributions to techno, acid and industral have made him notorious. It was in 1994 when he dropped his acid-tinged ‘Amphetamine’ as DRAX LTD. Ever since he’s been a force to be reckoned with.

BODY MUSIC on Monnom Black is where Heckmann wants to bring together the past and the future. With 30 years of experience behind him, it’s time for him to leave another mark on acid techno using his signature stamp. Tracks like EBM3 pick up right where Heckmann left off, as sequels to EBM1 and EBM2.

Thomas P. Heckmann is ever in demand – bringing out a full-length techno LP in 2018 is going to be no easy-feat. Techno is more saturated than ever. Heckmann is bringing in the heavy artillery to get the job done.

The release will span 3-discs, for a full release in March 2018. In February we’ll see a 3-track album teaser.


A1. Provide The Future
A2. Parasomnia
B1. Zeitmaschine
B2. Body Music (EBM 3)

C1. Bodywrap
C2. Cabin Fever
D1. The Hand That Rocks
D2. Bloody Vacant

E1. No Saint
E2. Acid Head
E3. Hardbeatfunk
F1. Veitstanz
F2. Drowning
F3. Departure

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