Italy isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when the words acid and techno crop up in the same sentence, but oftentimes it’s the unlikelier places that we can find the most brilliant art and music. Such is the case for Italian duo 999999999, who released their long awaited record X0001000X earlier this year, a whirlwind of riotous, old-school acid techno, recorded live on hardware. To present this release, they recorded all of their tracks in a continuous mix, and answered some questions about the release:

Now we all wonder: Why did you decide to go for old-school acid techno? and how/where did you produce these tracks?

The old school acid techno is something that we feel very close to our tastes and idea of techno. A kind of music without too much contamination, few elements, basic but very effective. Many records in the ’90s were arranged with 3-4 sounds but left the mark in techno. Listening to the old records of artists like 303 Nation, Drax, Emmanuel Top you have this feeling. Today there many records contains with many elements (sounds, effects, breaks) and less spontaneous and they ending up to get lost. In our opinion, the important thing is the groove you create by mixing the elements together.

The tracks of this release were the result of real-time recordings in our studio, we wanted to capture that exact moment, be spontaneous in what we play with our instruments.

There is no right or wrong way in making music, we just prefer to do it in this way, whether in the studio or during our live performances … we like to improvise and enjoy the flow, sometimes something good comes out, others times less good, but everything helps us to get closer to that sounds we seek.

We see that your release are already on the top of many charts, what do you think make this release so popular?

We have been notified that the 500 copies are already sold out in the preorder. It is an unexpected result for us. Apparently many people understood the concept of our project and our releases. We actually focus only on producing our music by creating a product that identifies us. Sales and popularity are only a consequence, but not the purpose. There are also other people who do not appreciate our sound, we respect their opinions but we certainly are not influenced by their opinion and we have no intention to shape our sound to sell more, otherwise we would have taken a different path.

In which setting do you feel this music will be played?

All 4 tracks are very fast and powerful. Suitable for playing in the middle of a banging set hypnotizing the dancefloor between acid and drum lines.

Your bio says “Techno duo from outer space” – tell us more about this, and how it connects with this latest release.

As I said before, we live in our “space”, releasing what we want on our label, without getting too influenced by positive and negative opinions. We feel close to some artists sounds, far from many others, but we go in our direction.

It’s always a pleasure to be graced with new iterations of the beloved sounds that were and are so important to techno and it’s history, and we’re thrilled with these tracks. Keep your eyes on these two because there are undoubtedly great things on the horizon.

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