Music & nature – these are the two cornerstones behind Vibrance, a collective founded by Victor J. (VBC). Using these idealogical foundations, Vibrance aims to connect both music and nature, and in doing so connect with and bring together like-minded people. The past few years have seen Vibrance grow considerably from its humble beginnings, as more people were attracted to the concepts and philosophy of the group. In Victor’s own words:

It started with five friends around a campfire and evolved into in-forest ambient & deep techno gatherings with five hundred souls.

Holding these events in the forest allows for total immersion, and is essential to fully experience both music and nature simultaneously. La Vallée Electrique and Caussemique Festival, in the south of France, have both played host to Vibrance.  With their idyllic locations, these two festivals are perfectly suited to spread the Vibrance message and bring people together to celebrate music in a natural environment.

VBC has provided us with this mix to give a taste of what Vibrance is all about. It’s an hour and half of subtle melodies, dusty percussion and dubby, organic warmth, a perfect reflection of the natural surroundings it represents. In the words of the man himself:

It’s made to be listened after a late summer storm, into a deep valley surrounded by century-old trees and high mountains.