It’s Friday and time to kick-start the weekend with a proper Techno premiere. For this week we present a track from the new NX1 EP, remixed by the Canadian duo ORPHX.

NX1 is delivering everything from their self-started label, Nexe Records, which is committed to intertwining modern techno and its origins, offering as a result a consistent, robust sound that rings with a sense of familiarity to true techno lovers.

The Canadian duo, Orphx, ignites the EP with a track that takes listeners into the dark corners of the psyche with deep bass and a steady, eerie beat. Listen to the premiere track delivered to Monument, and feel free to give the artists some feedback:

Continuing on the EP, you find great tracks by Scalameriya and Lucindo – who throws in some fast-paced basslines and hard punching techno.

With more than ten years experience and half of the mastermind behind NX1, Surit concludes EP 2 without sacrificing the depth and strength that the entire release offers.

With the heavy, fast-paced darkness that NX1 Remixed EP 2 offers, it truly feels like the journey of being lost in a labyrinth on a shadowy night put to sound.

You can experience the creative journey yourself when the EP is released October 16 on Nexe Records. For more information, visit hardwax.

Enjoy this weeks premiere!