Architectural presents a dominating vision of what he has planned for Parallel Festival 2017.

Ahead of his performance at Parallel Festival, Spanish-native Architectural, Juan Rico, flexes a seamless and powerful set for Monument 134.

Like a wave that never crashes, Architectural has built a set that never loses momentum. If you’re wishing the tension would break then don’t hold your breath. Starting in the depths of dub techno, it tenaciously works through minimal beats for the hour. It’s got both veracity and consistency. Pads wash in and out silky smooth. Above all, the drums take centre stage. They cut through clear as glass. Altogether, the selection has something hard to pin down in any mix – natural succession and flow.

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Architectural’s approach to music production is methodical and brilliant. In 2012 he released Peacetime on Semantica Records. Later on, he worked with Wolfskuil for Amour  which branched out and pinned down a particular style and ambience. A master of atmosphere is what an event like Parallel Festival really needs. Monument 134 is aimed to be a taste of the vibe Rico wants to bring to the Spanish mountains.

Spanish Mountains

Somewhere, reasonably distant from civilisation, Parallel Festival takes place and throws a party limited to 1000 people. A holistic, relaxed approach creates something unique. However, it remains a techno marathon – a line-up with other heavyweight DJs like Function, Dorisburg and Steve Bicknell will leave you weak at the knees.

Parallel Festival Techno Event

Last year, Parallel put together the right people, the right artists and atmosphere. This year, they’re ready for the next round of marathon raving in the Pyrenees mountains. The future really is here. You can now grab one of the tickets (limited to 1000) here and see what else Parallel Festival has to offer. Check out the full tracklist below.


Monolake – Inwards (VLSI versión)
Christopher Bissonnette – Substrata
Michal Wolski – The Root (Remix)
Marco Shuttle – End of a nightmare
Shawn O’sullivan – Fumarin
Architectural – Black Rose
Terrence Dixon – Multiple Choice
Architectural – Lipstick and cigarettes
Geg Z – Public Anomie
Steve O’sullivan – Over and Over
Michal Wolski – Ordinary Mind
Architectural – Hidden
KO TA – Bata
Architectural – Surreal restaurant
Architectural – The red house

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