Released June 9th, Remco Beekwilder makes his first appearance on Dax J’s label Monnom Black. Monument brings you an exclusive full-track preview of Concrete Jungle from the LSD EP.

Dutch-native Remco Beekwilder is releasing a tidy 4-track EP this month. Concrete Jungle is a tightly coiled piece with vocal samples and a lot of horsepower. The kick has got some trance-like side-chaining and tempo at work that should break stride with new trends in techno. This kind of mindset is at the forefront of the whole EP – it’s purpose-built rave tracks all over. Human Mind calls back the minimal vocal samples and low-Hz bass. Rave Mood repeats the gabber-esque kick and brings in flashes of rave stabs.

This is already Remco’s second EP of 2017; in February he released State of Return on Binary CellsLSD is already quite distant from State of Return. It’s just as tightly wound, but rougher around the edges with heavy distortion. It should blend in with Monnom Black‘s previous releases. LSD is only the 10th release on the imprint so far. Kaelan and Stranger were some of Dax J’s previous selects to feature on the label.

Although relatively new on the scene, Remco doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He has already made rounds across Europe. Beekwilder is making an appearance at Tresor’s New Faces night on 28th June – their weekly showcase of new talent. He is someone to keep an eye on as techno evolves and changes in the next few years. Remco Beekwilder hopefully knows where we are headed.


Concrete Jungle
Rave Mood
Human Mind


The full EP is available at Monnom Black’s Bandcamp.
Stay on top of new releases via Remco Beekwilder’s Soundcloud

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