For this weeks podcast we present an energetic mix made by Mary Velo, a DJ and producer based in Berlin. Mary started creating music in 2005, and shorty after she also began DJing. In 2013 she created the track “Detune” on Frozen Borders “Minutes In Ice” compilation which was highly appreciated in the community.

Mary has been DJing across Europe And Australia over the past years, and played at highly respected clubs like Tresor, Berghain and many more. She has over 20 releases under her belt, spread across known labels like: Semantica, Frozen Border, Sonntag Morgen, Diffuse Reality, Gynoid Audio, Labrynth, Rebekah’s Decoy label, and with many more to come.

Her techno style is often described as experimental, dark, and moody – with selections that makes people dance. With that, its only one thing left to do – push play and enjoy this weeks podcast:

Track list:
1. BNJM – The Greater Void (Tiercel Records)
2. Judas – Revulsion II (ARTS)
3. Giorgio Gigli & VSK – Hidden Conspiracy (Planet Rhythm)
4. Parallx – Lost In Time (ARTS)
5. Judas – Revulsion III (ARTS)
6. Slam – Prospector (Soma)
7. VSK – Echinopsis (DYAD)
8. Tensal – Proton 2
9. Perc – Bin Juice (Genesa Records)
10. Keikari – Valta (Newrhythmic Records)
11. Pris – Dodeca (Blawan remix) (Resin)
12. Judas – Revulsion I (ARTS)
13. Re-Axis – Top Of The Mountain (Jeff Rushin remix) (Monocline Records)
14. Jeff Derringer – One Angry Shot (Reclaim Your City)
15. UVB – We Are All Responsible (MORD)
16. Janice – 3B (Janice)
17. Jewel Kid -The Window Garden