In the midst of their 8th release, we caught up  with label-head Linda to exchange a few words about how she and her team created the favored record label and booking agency – PARABEL. In the heat of the moment, we were also granted with the opportunity to present a label-mix compiled by co-manager Joel Mull, and a preview of a track from the soon-to-be-released EP by The Persuader.

Who runs Parabel?
L: Parabel as an agency is runned by me and I have Sara Kanerva who helps me with basically everything. She is a great scout, DJ, has great taste in music and is a friend. Not to be missed, all the artists in the agency – what would we be without them. We are a team. Parabel as a label is runned by me and Joel Mull.

So, Parabel is a merged booking agency and record label. Why did you choose this format of running business?
L: I’ve had a dream since I started to go out in the 90s of one day running a label. The agency part came along when I met Joel in 2000. We said we would do ”this” on our own. I’ve been involved with a few other projects before I finally found my way to Parabel, and I can now do it the way I want. The merged unit was something that grew along the way.

You have managed to assemble a worthy roster consisting of “veterans” and more recent artists in the scene. Are they hand-picked?
L: Thank you! I’ve learned throughout the years to be “careful” adding artists. I want to meet them in person before taking them in or have some personal connection with them. It’s quite personal and a mutual trust. We are in for the long run and we expect the same from the artist. The team we are today is based on all this.

You mentioned in a previous conversation that you have peculiar opinions about music; How do you decide what gets released on the label and not?
L: Hehe, did I? It just has to “do it for me”. A hook, a little string, something that gets me interested. I see the track in layers and I decide to “follow” one of them, and that is what gets me hooked. The idea with the label is that we are only releasing music from the artists in the agency and it can maybe be a little bit sensitive, but most of the time they know if the track “fits” or not. It’s not a must to release on the label either. One can be as much or as little involved as one wants. I do the administration and first selection, and then we together go through them. Joel calls in with opinions and Sara does a round as well.

Do you collect records as well? If so, any favorites?
We are just now building this custom-made shelf for vinyls / DJ – booth to integrate the vinyls in our home, haha! They will have a center place in our house. Joel is the big collector, he has a lot so we have to make room for them. I’m always interested to hear Sand, Random Island, Bond, ANGLS, Hypnus, Outis, Semantica, Attic, Stockholm ltd, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Dystopian, Sloboda, RYC, POV, Spazio Disponsible to name many labels. A tip for the autumn is to check out the collab Benjamin Mull / Cari Lekebusch on Moln.

Amongst the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, or Stockholm in specific seems to have functioned as an incubator for artists in the european techno scene. Why do you think this has occurred?
L: Maybe with inspiration from our early pioneers in techno? They ‘ve opened for a “new” way of living.

What’s on the agenda for Parabel in terms of business. Any chance you would be opening a club in the future?
L: Not a club! We have a lot of fun things coming up. Parabel night with Swedish Naan Boys at Mmmmm, Sthlm. In June you’ll find 6 acts in a special space in Berlin. A humble takeover at Cult Cosmic July 21st.

We were also privileged to receive a mix by Joel for this feature; give us a few words about the mix?
L: The mix contains only released or upcoming releases from our label. I made the order, Joel mixed it.

Finally, what’s on the agenda for Parabel in terms of music?
L: Releasing more, in my opinion, quality music from our fantastic artists. Our 8th release is from the Persuader. 9th probably Joel. Number 10 looks like a V/A selection. A new Swedish Naan boys on it ́s way too.
– Thank you for letting me take this space. / Linda –

Joel Mull