Earlier this year, we spoke to SHLTR and Doka, the founding team behind Konstrukt, about their young label, its rich roster and some of the releases they had put together. It has been a busy year for Doka, with releases on FORMAT and Semantica also under his belt in 2016. We caught up with him to find out about his first release on Konstrukt and his views on the Dutch techno scene. He also recorded a podcast episode for us. Listen as you read on:


KON004 is your first solo release on your own imprint. What have you always wanted to achieve with the label? What made you hold off on releasing any other solo material on the label before?

The Konstrukt label is an extension of the events and at the same time a platform to express what we do and share/release the music we believe in. This is something we wanted to achieve after working together on the events after a couple of years. Co-founder SHLTR (Loy Bastiaens) did the first release because it simply was a beautiful and great release and we both felt this was a perfect start of the label. After Konstrukt 001 from SHLTR we first asked artists that inspire us to release on the label before releasing an EP from myself. With tracks from Sendai, Cassegrain, Evigt Mörker and Artefakt, the label is really taking shape.


The tracks on KON004 feel very evocative and personal. Is there a story (that you’re willing to share) behind their formulation?

You are absolutely right. The EP is soundwise something really different in comparison what you normally would expect from me. When I started to produce this EP I approached the production with a totally different and open mind towards sounds, arrangement and genre. This is also something the label stands for and coincidental I wanted to approach my music productions differently anyway. It was a real eyeopener because in the past I produced more with a sound/genre/path in mind and I didn’t wanted to deviate from that. I found myself creating much more emotional tracks more from the hearth. Whits this new development I was able to create something I had in mind for a longer time: an EP especially made for my girlfriend and out little girl. This is the result. The names of the tracks (A1. Harmony B1. Bloom B2. Uncertain) are words from a little poem I wrote complimenting the release:

Three individuals carefully designed in harmony. She blooms, each step uncertain.— Doka


The three tracks exemplify us living in harmony together and how our daughter is growing up with so much to learn and discover.


How do you feel about the current techno scene in The Netherlands as you look back on the year that has gone by? What are you hoping to see going forward?

In my experience I think it’s a great development that people are more open minded towards the word: techno. I see much more (younger) people exploring the more niche and experimental side of the spectrum. They want to learn more about it and appreciate and find inspiration in what you are doing. It would be great to see more cities in the Netherlands give promoters more space and opportunities to expand their thoughts and ideas concerning artists, music and events.


What’s next for Konstrukt?

We found a new location for our events in Amsterdam. Shelter. The club opened with ADE and it’s a whole new level concerning sound experience and atmosphere. Also the label is growing and we signed some artists we are really happy with. Konstrukt 005 is being mastered as we speak.


If you could do one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I think that’s something I’m doing already. Make music and be with the people I love.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to put our Konstrukt creative architect in the spotlight : Hendrik Simons. Hendrik designs all the artwork for the label and the events. We are really happy with his precision and thoughts about giving the label that independent look.


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