As a now respected veteran of Germany’s techno scene, Emerson struck a chord with multilayered techno; Enriched in quality and indicative of his synthetic electronic style. As founder of Micro.fon imprint, he has opened the door and brought driving Techno from its barren lands to a new territory.

As a yong DJ and producer, Emerson started out in South Germany tinkering down a break-beat avenue working through various clubs before getting a break at Munich’s Utraschall, which led to a nationwide tour with the respected Timing label. Subsequently, opportunities arose with several major clubs in Germany before Emerson decided to take his sound abroad to Ibiza, Tokyo, Miami and Eastern Europe among others.
Text: Biography outtake

1 DJ Emerson – Intro – micro.fon
2 KOBOSIL Osmium – white
3 PFIRTER – The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent (Developer remix) – mind trip
4 Charlotte de Witte – Repeat (Original mix) – OFF
5 Markus Suckut – REKIDS095 Zero Nine Six PM 1644
6 Ray Kajioka – Ruderberg Kanzleramt
7 Oscar Mulero – Rotar (Tensal remix) Pole group
8 Steve Rachmad – Disturbance – drumcode ltd
9 TENSAL – Forma 1
10 Raíz – Cored 3 (Silent Servant Remix) Droid
11 Sev Dah – Morana – Mote Evolver
12 Oscar Mulero Spatial Sequence Synesthesia Mord
13 Michael Klein – In Focus (Raiz Remix) black drop
14 Keith Carnal Sword Play Arts
15 Oisel Erosione (Original mix) Pole Group
16 Klaudia Gawlas Craving Pt 1 Credo
17 Mikael Jonasson Comfort Zone (Original Mix) Credo
18 DJ Emerson – Black Dirt (Ilario alicante remix) – Nonlinear Systems

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