Tony Scott a.k.a Edit Select has been in the scene since the 90s, going by different monikers over time and producing a host of respected tracks as well as playing around the world. He began his self-titled record label in 2007 and has released the likes of SNTS, Teste, Mark Broom, Deepbass and more. We caught up with Tony to learn more about his recent collaborations, thoughts on the scene and pastimes that make the man behind the machines tick.


We’ve been listening to your latest collaborative works with Antonio Ruscito (Visitors – Projections LP) and Mike Parker (Composites EP). What pushed you to collaborate with these artists? Can we expect more collaborations on Edit Select Records?

First of all these collabs were intentionally planned as I understand and work very well with both Mike and Antonio. I noticed Antonio’s work a few years back and gradually we connected through mutual respect for each other. I think it is a challenging and rewarding thing to work in someone else’s territory. With Mike it’s simple, he sends a groove I make the atmos, structure etc.

Working with Antonio is completely different, we work on ideas ourselves then we work together in my studio and dissect everything into its final state. Yes there will be some more collabs in the future, it’s nice to have another ear in the studio.



A lot of the Projection LP feels live. Was this how it was initially created in the studio? What equipment did you use/take inspiration from?

Yes a lot of the project was made live. We made a lot of the analogue from the AIRA System-1 which gives a unique quality to the sound, we always look for original sounds that haven’t been abused. I think this album has that quality of modernism moving forward something that’s missing on a lot of techno tracks in my opinion.



We’re drawing closer to the end of the year and a lot has taken place within the techno scene. As a veteran yourself, how do you feel about the state of things at the moment?

I’ve been around a long time indeed and yes there has been a lot of change. My personal view is that at the moment we’re focusing on production instead of the DJ, both being completely different — being a good producer doesn’t mean you’re a good DJ. I’ve witnessed this several times and it can be confusing for the people attending these gigs: they’re there because of the hype of the individual and their profile, however, do they really like what they’re hearing? A good DJ acts on instinct plays that special track, drops the pace when they need to and vice versa. I’ve witnessed Derrick May a few times and he is someone young aspiring DJs need to watch, a master of the craft.


What advice would you give aspiring DJs/producers today?

My advice would be to take yourself seriously, it is a profession. It is really difficult out there with all the management companies and big organisations pushing their own artists. However, if you have talent and are willing to commit yourself eventually you will shine through; just be 100% ready when the opportunity arises.


When you’re not listening to/playing/making music, what do you get up to?

I like to swim, play football etc. I swim most days for 30-45 minutes. It helps me think straight. I also coach kids’ football, which I love. It completely takes me away from me. Being a DJ/producer can be very hard work, you’re always focusing on yourself. But with the kids, I focus only on them and what they’re doing, how do I help them improve etc.


Anything else you wish to share?

I’d just like to say thanks for having me and go and buy the album!



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Edit Select/Mike Parker — Composites EP
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Edit Select/Antonio Ruscito — Visitors – Projections LP (out Nov 25)
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We’d like to thank Edit Select for making the time to speak to us so candidly. We look forward to hearing more from him in future.