We’re excited to announce an exclusive track from MOD label boss Klaudia Gawlas’s forthcoming LP. Vision is set to be released on the Munich-based label Credo on November 21st.

Klaudia Gawlas has made her name as a figure that can get people dancing with her no-frills techno. Titling her first album Zeitgeist, a word connoting a set of ideas or beliefs that simultaneously moves a group of people within space and time, Gawlas explored the idea of collective movement through dance. Her new material shows she hasn’t strayed far from her old philosophy. Gawlas describes her new album as “a straight statement and commitment to the roots of techno,” and Utility, a track off the record, maintains the functionality that Gawlas injects into her work. We expect people to be dancing to this all winter long.

At the same time, it’s clear that Gawlas has opened up her sound in some interesting ways. Even as Gawlas stays true to her penchant for deep and powerful basslines, Utility shows a great deal of restraint that Gawlas hasn’t explored much previously. Soft percussion and melodies flit in and out within an intricately constructed atmosphere, adding a touch of delicateness to a barnstorming deep end.

With her new album, Gawlas seeks to explore the wealth of human experience: the fear of being alone, the joy of infatuation, the intensity of emotion. Gawlas has certainly added a distinctly human touch to Utility, and we hope that the rest of the release maintains the same standard.