Artist(s): Ichinen, Dasha Rush, Etapp Kyle
Release/Type: A Morning Without Glory/EP
Label: Last Drop Records (Italy)
Release date: 19/09/2016


A Morning Without Glory (Original) — A murky, brooding opening serving of loops sets the table for an entrée of intense hi-hat action. Ichinen create a frenetic energy on this track, one that holds your gaze and leaves you breathless from the stomping you didn’t even realise you had begun. It ebbs and flows between raging emphatically under the influence of its lightning-fast sonics and soothing you with its pensive, filtered loop. This binary interplay creates an intimate, immersive journey through space and time.


A Morning Without Glory (Dasha Rush Remix) — retains the original’s foundational mood, sombre and focused at its core. However, her take on A Morning Without Glory strays towards the cosmos, feeling out the reaches of deep space. It is riddled with cascading euphonies and playful machine chimes and hums. You can feel a solar radiance in the setting it creates — one that envelopes you and opens your eyes to untraversed spaces. What the original packs in raw energy, Dasha Rush transforms into stellar, organic imagery.


A Morning Without Glory (Etapp Kyle Remix) — the Ukranian mastermind Etapp Kyle delivers a club and after-hours favourite here. His cherry-pick from the original is its fast-paced, hi-hat sequence, which he blends with gooseflesh-inducing soundscapes. A throbbing 4/4 beat buoys the calculated entry and exit of the strobing hi-hats. And punctuating these are distant dub riffs and patient harmonies, waxing and waning within the mix to create a palpable tension. The finesse in this finish is signature from Kyle.


Ichinen create an extremely pliable track in A Morning Without Glory. It’s no wonder that it lends itself so well to the detailed machinations of both Dasha Rush and Etapp Kyle. This EP will stand as a timeless testament to the possibilities of deep, abstract and experimental techno. There is hopefully still more to come from the Italian stable.


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We would like to sincerely thank Roberto Bosco (1/2 of Ichinen) for making all this possible.