Techno is a vibrant subculture that is a breeding ground for many talented DJs and producers. They all play a part in creating a music scene were the audience is as, or even more important than the performer. The point is; sometimes you have to search below the limelight to find these “gems”. Our 110th episode is a perfect example of this. 

With almost no information on the internet, who are you really? I even heard rumors that you played at Berghain… Are you one of those hidden Berlin DJs that we should have known about?

Good questions, but hard to answer. Long story short; I’m a full time father with a full time job. Moritz Kaiser of IO, a Leipzig based crew organising parties and running their own podcast series, wrote about me in a funny but also quite fitting way:

“As far as I can tell we never booked Polo at one of our rare parties yet, though somebody always proposes him. Why is that? –  He feels the crowd! For some weird reason he only drinks “Freiberger Pils” (according to most people not the most pleasant beer) and if the club doesn’t serve it, he will bring his own crate and puts it right next to his records and he’s good to go for the night. Fortunately the beer and his records have nothing in common. His Hypno-, Melo-Techno gave him the nickname “Pololobos”. He’s the only one at Electronic Resistance who knows how to weld. He doesn’t know how to or simply doesn’t want to use a CD-player, he releases at “Everbody’s Darling – Label Of Choice” Kann Records. So we should finally book him for one of our parties”.

That even the Berghain could not deliver the “Freiberger Pils” is just worth mentioning as a side note; So yes, I played at Berghain. Konstantin from Giegling (Kettenkarussell) invited me.

I got a good feeling of summery-techno, was that prepared for the season or did you just pick randomly?

The songs in the mix are very conscious decisions. I like House, Dub and Techno and combine these genres. Since you are publishing techno podcasts, I wanted to prepare a set with just kick drums but no bass line (that’s my definition of Techno). I like pads as well, because they tell a story that you want to listen to and give some warmth to the track. Maybe this is why it sounds like summer, but that’s in the eye of the beholder.

After a while, it gets more intensive and hypnotic, like you are surprising the listener. Are your DJ-sets like this as well?

I guess so. The “story telling pad tracks” are nice and work great on their own, but at one point I feel a need to raise the energy so I can go back to the pads and go on and tell the story again.

What inspires you?

It’s the tracks that inspire me. If you listen carefully, they create the feelings and get you in an emotional “state of heart” where you want more and more and more of it.

Gigs, releases, or other information?

I know I will play in the near future and hopefully it will continue that way. But I’m pretty relaxed with these things. Life is good. No need for pressure. My first EP came out with my Leipzig homies of Kann and the second one will be released this year at another Leipzig based label, Holger Records.


01. Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Uebergang
02. Luigi Tozzi – Chemosynthesis
03. Evigt Mörker – Beaivi
04. Minilogue – Everything Is All You’ve Got
05. Wata Igarashi – Night
06. Boston 168 – Seven Heads
07. Mattias Fridell – Never Aby
08. Kaelan – Displace
09. Ritvik Neumann – Sephirot (Artefakt Remix)
10. Limo – Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix)
11. BLNDR – Movement Strobe (Evigt Mörker Interpretation)
12. Acronym – Nemo
13. Luigi Tozzi – Nostos (Dino Sabatini Version)
14. Etapp Kyle – Sakura
15. R.H.X. – Xtension