Less Is Techno stepped onto the scene earlier this year with an exemplary release from Ambre & Feudo (LiT001) to set the ball rolling. This September, they return with LiT002, a split EP featuring mysterious UK artist Modvs and Japanese soundscaper Iori.

As previews suggest, LiT002 is a release that intends to stay true to label ethos through deeply personal, emotive music. The release text is a cliffhanger in itself, with succinct contributions from Modvs and Iori:

“Words mean nothing. No judgement, listening as a true value.
Words from Iori.
Words from Modvs.”



LiT002 goes on sale in major record stores on September 19th. It is currently available on pre-order at deejay.de and Redeye. To support the label directly, you shall also be able to buy from the Less Is Techno Bandcamp soon.

Look out for a full review of the EP from us!