The anonymous entity CHPTR is derived from undefined controlled sequences pushing the receiver into a critical, analytical frame of mind that serves to disabuse him or her from the notion that what is being created is necessarily inviolable.

CHPTR is releasing their third EP on their own imprint alongside with their live performance. To accompany this, we are privileged to present a special live set recorded by the mysterious alliance which is a collaboration between well known contemporary techno producers.

They are responsible for producing music that has quickly grabbed the attention of DJs and record collectors around simply because of its quality. The live set we are presenting is no exception and it showcases their talent and ability to enchant the listener.

Q: When I listen to your music it makes me think of a kind of “shamanism”, altering the perception of reality. What are CHPTRs’ objectives and inspirations when it comes to producing?

That’s actually quite on point. CHPTR performs several with regards to writing the music. Natural recordings, illusion and timing are the principles on which each piece has been created. Experimenting with sequences in an unconventional way inspires to make guiding decisions that has developed into a recognizable sound in an organic way.

Q: Is your music “drone-based”? If so, explain what this means to you.

Not particularly based but by the way of creating the sound structures and continuous modulated layerings it has that kind of effect for sure.

Q: When I first found CHPTR at my local record shop, I thought “this is something fresh and well produced”, having in mind both composition and sound quality. This reflects a holistic approach with your productions. How do you get things going in the studio, do you follow an elaborate process?

The process is always the same; completely blank and with an open mind we start by jamming using some machines while we record right away. Some parts will be used more prominently in the recording and others will be used as modulated layers to enhance the sound, but also to take away the attention to this particular sound. By adding different recordings in opposite directions, a more complex texture appears. These textures will be modulated again during live takes resulting in endless narratives and a new CHPTR will rise.

Q: What’s next for CHPTR, any chance you would release an album?

CHPTR004 has been scheduled for release in October. We will let this process come naturally. It’s not something we want to rush into.

Q: Tell us about the recording for Monument 107,what can we expect from your live performance?

The recording for Monument is a studio recording of our live act. Especially for this occasion, we did a jam to express what CHPTR live could sound like in a club, sharing our humble ideas while the listeners can decide for themselves how to interpret it all without having any preconceptions.

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