Viktoria (also known as Viktoria Rebeka) started to collect electronic music as a teenager. She has also been performing as a DJ for more than a decade. At her arrival in Berlin she landed a gig at the famous Tresor club. After this she gained a residency at Stattbad which lasted for almost four years before the club had to shut it’s doors.

With releases on LDNwht, Decoy, Affin, Gynoid Audio and other respected labels, she now runs her own imprint Viktoria Records (VR). Her label showcases various soundscapes and music from talented artists. After having a long hiatus after becoming a mom, Viktoria is back in the scene working on a new EP which is scheduled to be released later this year.

So you started to collect music as a teenager. Was this just because of pure interest, or were you aspiring to become a DJ at this point?

I bought my first turntables 1999, and started to collect vinyl to play at after parties. It was mainly for the people I met in clubs and I could invite to come to my place and get it on with the party. It was never really to become a DJ. I actually didn’t like the idea to start playing 5 years later. It was a friend who said I am a chicken if I don’t accept an offer to play in front of a big crowded club, so I did it and from that point on it started rolling.

How was the scene at that time?

At that time I was still living in Croatia and it was great! The main clubs for me were OTV and Tvornica. I managed to spend all my weekends there! The best bigger events were Future Shock and Valkana Beach Festival.

You have had a hiatus from producing and DJing for some time now, are you planning on getting things going again?

After becoming a mum for the first time, I had to stop playing and also the place of my residency Stattbad had to close it’s doors last year, so I was away from the scene for the first time in all those years. Now slowly my babyboy is growing and everything is becoming more normal and adjusted. After a really long time I have some time to do music and am starting to make a new EP ready to come out by the end of the year.

Based in Berlin, we assume that there are several clubs or events that don’t always get a position in the spotlight. Would you recommend any events or clubs that techno fans should pay attention to?

The Stattnacht parties with the former Stattbad crew are happening from time to time and I can always recommend them! Except that, there are some nice places where there can be a good party: Arena, about:blank, Griessmühle, Sisyphos, Humboldthain, Funkhaus…

Finally, in your mix for Monument you play different styles of techno (especially some softer tracks that are reminiscent to early trance). Tell us about the track selection for this mix.

I wanted to present tracks that show the diversity of Techno, because this is what I love about it. From soft and groovy to dark and hard, yes, there is even a very trancy remix from New Order…


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