This compilation has all the dirt, rubbed in all the right places. What we have here is that dancefloor filth that you find caked to your shoes after a long and sweaty night in some dank, forgotten corner of the city. The perfectly arranged selections take you from the first swirling dance of the evening, through dusty inverted peaks, then afloat into the morning aether. It is a hot spring night concatenated.

It all begins with the subtle mind melter, “Tallemaja”, by Patricia. A slow ambient pulsing accompanied by a gradually layered rhythm sweeps through you, carrying with it the anticipation and tension that has been swelling up all evening. The groove sinks into place, phases and folds, then a burst of dingy bass hits comes ripping through from another dimension. In between steps you think “Oh… It’s gonna be… One of those nights… Ok… Let’s do this.” The ethereal tones have you gliding into the seductive center of the dancefloor haze.

The slow-churned sound of Segv’sXsy” pulls you right into the thick of it. A desert stomp pulses through and separates the body with a distant thump, leaving it up to the most primitive parts of the mind to move it along. Meanwhile, the acidic squelch creeps in and plucks at the higher consciousness, spinning what’s left of your thoughts into recursive loops.

With “Spelling God In Knots”, Nick Klein encapsulates the night in total mechanical debauchery. Things get efficiently nasty as you are washed in true robot love by a mesmerizing synthetic mantra woven through a machine precision beat. There is no talking, only dancing. Here you find equilibrium in the fusion of warm flesh and cold circuitry.

Gaul Plus then sends you into a syrupy swerve with “Show Me Off”. Glints of high keys pierce through smoked out textures and a foggy bass that leaves you feeling kind of grimy but kind of sexy at the same time. Now you’re let loose into the sunrise, and ride out with the beat through the morning dew, searching for the next wave.

Finally, J. Albert’sIonian” helps you navigate back to base. A soft string melody wafts in with a fluttering woodwind breeze, carrying with it a bass line that pushes ever so slightly on your heightened sense of being. The curtains sway and shift translucent hues while cymbals patter and splash in prismatic drops on the window pane. Keys twinkle like ice in a glass of liquid calm. You take a sip, and let the track carry you off into a frothy sea of dream.

Big thanks to the artists and Broken Call for this fantastic release. It made for a fun night of writing, and will certainly be in heavy rotation. I can’t wait to hear these tracks resonating out in the wild this warm season. This collection as a whole is already my spring anthem, and it’s just getting started.