Today at Monument, we proudly welcome two of Techno’s heavy-hitters, the esteemed Len Faki and Regal. Faki & Regal have collaborated to bring us an absolute masterpiece of an EP, ‘The End’. Due for release soon on none other than Len Faki’s own, ‘Figure’.

Len Faki kindly provided us with some words to go along with their premiere EP, giving us an insight into where this whole collaborative concept came from. Feast your ears upon this one:

Hey, tell us about this new release, and particularly the track ‘Abroad’?
It is the first time that Regal and myself join forces for a collab. We love energetic tracks and both have a soft spot for dreamy atmospheres and the trippy facets of Techno, which made a good basis.

On ’The End’ we tried to equally bring in both our characters and I think we were quiet successful with showing that specific mixture.

The tracks of the EP are not primarily peaktime orientated but more intended to let you loose yourself in sound and hopefully drift away while dancing.

We both found the topic of space and time / beginning and ending, flattering and were inspired by that, which you may have already guessed when looking at the artwork.

‘Abroad‘ in particular is the only track of the EP arranged around a 4/4 kick drum fundament. It has these resonant acid chunks that accelerate it into a mystic trip abroad.

What has the reaction been like to the tracks on the dance floor?
They have been great so far. It is always important to test out tracks in a club surrounding. Doesn’t really matter how many years of experience you have in the studio, the club is always giving you the best feedback if something works or not.

Gather impressions, see how people react and then go back in the studio and optimize, that’s what we’ve been doing with these tracks as well.

Whats the story behind the Faki Regal collaboration?

The idea of a collaboration was always existing, also with other Figure artists. There have been some in the past and there will for surely be collabs in the future.

We could imagine our individual sounds well together, in the end it just happened without a big planning but more spontaneously because we both worked on new bits.

While talking about them and exchanging, we suddenly asked ourselves: why not do this together? It was fun!LenFaki_Regal

Where can we expect to hear you in near future?
You can definitely see us both during a Figure Nacht which take place regularly. It is important to gather with all our artists, share ideas and have a good time.

Mostly it is while being on the road that many ideas arise. Future projects, like this one for example. Check out our dates!

Awesome, thanks and good luck with the release. We also look forward to having a full profile on Len Faki soon, so keep your eyes and ears open, readers!