Last December saw the release of PoleGroups’ ‘Unknown Landscapes Volume 3’. This latest installment of the mix series from the celebrated Spanish label boasted its usual roster of techno heavyweights, as well as featuring some fresher, less established names. Among these newer artists was Eric Fetcher, who offered up his PoleGroup debut with the solid ‘Commender’.

Fetcher was soon back with a two-part EP titled ‘Matrix of Life’, this time on AINE, a new digital offset of PoleGroup, established with the intention of showcasing up and coming talent.

The first track, Surface Tension, is a deep, driving affair. Sparsely populated with percussion, a simple hi hat pattern allows the track to retain a tight, locked groove, almost tool-like in its uniformity. The throbbing bass carries everything forward, and is coupled with an ebbing lead that bubbles intermittently to the surface. These recurring components make Surface Tension enthrallingly hypnotic, and give it an almost Mike Parker-esque looping quality.


Magnetic Fields, the second track, is a shorter and less introverted piece than the previous. Its’ bell-like plucks are present from the beginning, and washed out atmospherics give the track an unsettling, discordant flavour. Stripped back hats, similar to those in the first track, maintain the repetitive, entrancing feel of the release, while more pronounced synth elements further the almost Millsian style of sci fi ambiance.


Matrix of Life is a solid and well-executed release. Both tracks feature a delicate balance of cyclic qualities and standalone elements, and would fit comfortably nearly anywhere in a DJ set. Thus far staying true to their ethos, AINE have again succeeded in branching out from the PoleGroup regulars and have shown us that Eric Fetcher is definitely a name to look out for in the future.

Release Date: February 1st 2016

Label: PoleGroup/AINE


  1. Surface Tension
  2. Magnetic Fields