• Vanessa Amara – You’re Welcome Here

Under this name, you can find the danish duo Birk Gjerlufsen and Victor Kjellerup with their new album on Posh Isolation.


      • DALHOUS – The Composite Moods Collection Vol​.​1: House Number 44

The scottish duo is back with an album on blackest ever black.

    • Ondo Fudd – Blue Dot

Ondo Fudd is Call Super’s alias for his The Trilogy Tapes releases. After Coup d’État in 2014 he is back with Blue Dot.

    • ვარგ (Varg) – ჟინვალი

Varg is back with a tape only EP recorded in Georgia this year on Northern Electrics.

  • Af Ursin – Tableau Fluide

This track is the first extract from Aura Legato due to be released in May 2016 on Blackest Ever Black.