Coming from Belgrade Serbia, Filip Xavi is recognized as one of the pillars of the local techno scene and founder of his very own Teskoba Recordings.

As a rebel against genre/trend confinements he was always attracted to the more cerebral and darker side of techno music, manipulating with hypnotic and abstract musical structures, combining them with relentless drums which in time developed into his own recognizable style.


Name a few artist that has inspired you?

Hard to name just a few but I’ll try to keep it short: Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Luke Slater, Surgeon, Regis, Makaton, Inigo Kennedy, Jeroen Search, and the list goes on.

Was it an easy decision to choose techno music as your art form?

It was easy. After being exposed to the techno of Jeff Mills (a long time ago) there was no choice in my mind.

Has the techno scene in Belgrade colored your style of techno in any sense?

Yes, in a way it has definitely influenced me to go and do something different than what is being offered.

Tell us about the event and venue the mix was recorded from?

This mix was recorded at Drugstore, Belrgade at the 2016 NYE party. The segment I submitted to Monument is roughly the last 80 mins of my 4 hour closing set.

What are your plans as a DJ and producer in the near future?

Busy touring schedule ahead! I will be playing regularly at Drugstore with some of my favorite artists! I will also be visiting Croatia twice and it will be my first time playing in the Netherlands, in March, at the Radion/Higgs weekender so I am pretty excited about what’s coming! In the meantime, I am working on new material and waiting for the release of my second EP for Subsist in the following months.

Finally, any guilty pleasures?

Basketball 🙂