SØS Gunver Ryberg – AFTRYK

I have been waiting for this EP for a quite long time and I as many people I wasn’’t disappointed.

I discovered her in a Berlin boiler room last year curated by Objekt if you haven’t listened to it yet go check it out.


LinG – Attachment EP

The first EP from this Liverpoll-based produced on PAN x Codes label. As it was said in the press release: “Attachment’ is a data-centric collection built from field and browser recordings, loosely exploring the themes of habitual mental tendencies.”


Damaskin – Our shadows will walk

I must admit that I didn’t know the artist nor the label (New Body Tapes) prior to discovering this EP and I downloaded it because I really like the artworks. (the man is Nedeljko Cabrinovic one of the Franz-Ferdinand assassins). It was a good choice because Our shadows will walk is some very proper techno.

Nuel – Hyperboreal

In Greek mythology the hyperboreal were a people who lived in the Great North. Nowadays, Nuel who is a friend of Donatto Dozzy and worked with him on the marvelous Aquaplano Sessions made according to Further Records a Seatlle-based label the perfect music for “the coldest climate”.  Thanks to Nuel, you now have the perfect LP for the next snowy day.


Leafar Legov – Talk

The latest release of Giegling the Weimar label and one of the finest electronic music label.

Leafar Legov half of Kettenkarussell who released and LP on Giegling in 2014, deliver here is first solo EP.


Ontal – Simulacron

This is the last release of AMOK Tapes a Berlin industrial techno label. I don’t know much about them except that it’s a serbian duo.