We are still going strong thanks to your support. For this episode we present Opuswerk from Geneva, Switzerland.

Opuswerk has previously released on labels like Knotweed and Steadfast, but soon we will be able to pick up releases done by him and François X in the record stores as mentioned in the Q&A. Our appreciation goes to Opuswerk for making this interesting set for us. Push play and let your mind drift.


Hello Hendrik, please tell us a secret about your music that we didn’t know? (gear, sounds, inspiration or something like that)

I love the Elektron machines they’re all over my music. It takes time to get to know them and to like them, but in the end, a true love and hate relationship builds with those.
Already got the Machine Drum and the Analog Four, and I can’t get to get my hands on an Analog Rytm. Also, I was told some time ago to focus on recording takes rather than
programming tracks I believe this was the best tip any­one ever gave me, maybe that one of the secret of my music?

How would you describe the sound of Opuswerk?

Hypnotic machine funk.

What’s coming up? Releases? Parties? What are you looking forward to?

I have an EP coming up in January on Krill Music, with an amazing remix by 19.454., who’s one of my hero’s and happen to share the same lakeside as me. I’m very excited to see this EP coming out, as some all the tracks mean a lot to me and are the result of refraining to release music, until I thought it was adding a little to the whole current techno discourse.

Next to this, we also recently released an EP as Hiss:1292 (which is a project we have with François X of the Dement3d and Concrete fame) called Veves EP on Dement3d. We’re planning to make a live project of it, and hopefully that will see the light of the dance floors next year. No big gigs planned at the moment, but I’m very much working on getting some more, so tell your local club manager! I don’t have a booker, so it is easy to book me.

How is the scene over there?

The scene here is small but somehow vivid. We are however stuck with relatively “big” clubs, which makes it hard to book the less known, but big artists here. It’s really cool, but it leaves a gap in the deeper underground, which used to be very vibrant here. So as a way to propose an alternative to this we’ve started a monthly serie of nights / sunday afternoons called Station pour le lendemain.It takes place in one of the very last alternative places left. It fits about 55 persons, and we kicked the eerie with the great Artefakt from Field records. The whole thing has to be kept low­key, which provides for a different setting and crowd. The main inspiration behind it is Hamburg’s Golden Puddel.

Whats your favorite dish before a night of techno?

I’m a sucker for a nice piece of meat, from carré d’agneau to a tartare au couteau, accompanied some nice wine.

Anything else?

I wanted to thank you guys for your patience for this podcast, François X and the whole
Dement3d team, also Espen and19.454. who I hope is having as much fun cycling and riding his snowboard as he was behind the decks and in his studio. They’re all great artists you should definitely check!
Do check my soundcloud for my previous releases, sending the recent promos, showed that theolder EPs are still getting played by people I respect a lot, so if you liked the mix give them an ear.