Our guest for this week is none other than Mark Morris. Originally from Naples, Italy, Mark is now based in the capital city of techno, Berlin. Mark had an early debut with music and has kept a certain standard to his work ever since.

Mark Morris is the head of his own label Ketra Records, which is responsible for releasing a barrage of mind blowing EP’s from various artist. In this episode we can expect a “no bullshit” approach to a raw techno sound interestingly mixed together.


How has the techno scene in Italy influenced you as a Dj and producer?

The techno scene in my town was always one of the most active in Italy. When I was young, artists such Marco Carola , Gaetek , Rino Cerrone and many more were the best techno djs in the scene and they influenced of course my idea of techno music.

What made you decide to move to Berlin?

I decide to move in Berlin after living in Spain. Berlin was the last step for me to really understand the techno world. Berlin helped me to find the right way in my sound. This was one of the most important moments of my career.

In this mix you are running the tempo at 135 bpm, which is somewhat unorthodox. How would you describe your style of playing?

As I mentioned, my techno vision is influenced by the old school. I love to mix hardtechno as I love the industrial way and the dark atmosphere. That’s more or less the best description of my sound: fast, dance-floor, heavy & dark.

What inspires you as a producer?

As producer I’m really complicated. Normally I don’t like to have inspiration as other producers. I Love for sure artists such Surgeon and Regis, but maybe the best inspiration for me are my own artists as Logotech, Future 16, Unam Zetineb and my wife Kata Mercado. I think the best inspiration come from those who are close to me.

Any comments about upcoming gigs or releases?

For sure the last EP on Mano Recordings (label by me & Zetineb) with the remixes from the legendary ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO & CASUAL VIOLENCE. This is one of the best releases I have done so far. I will soon be out with the next Mano with a remix by ONTAL.

The next gigs are a b2b with Kata in Bologna (Italy). I also have a new project I started with my collab. Logotech & Future 16 with parties in our own town Naples.


  1. Adam Bayer – Nutcrusch B1 (Original Mix)
  2. Uvb – zakjan (Original Mix)
  3. A.Paul – Conform (Myler Remix)
  4. Gi Napoletano – Reason To Question (Original Mix)
  5. David Att – Gelatine (Original Mix)
  6. A.Paul – Critical Mass (Mark Morris Remix)
  7. AnD – The Jellyfish (Original Mix)
  8. Andres Gil – Live Time (Pär Grindvik Remix)
  9. Ben Sims – Birmingham (Original Mix)
  10. Blacknecks – b1 (Original Mix)
  11. Cindy – In A Perfect World Cindy Kills Marine Le Pen & Nigel Farage (Original Mix)
  12. d_b – l’homme qui marche sur les nuages de soie (Original Mix)
  13. Elektrabel – Ampule 038 (Original Mix)
  14. Energun – Walking Baby (Original Mix)
  15. Hiroaki IIzuka – Glow (Grovskopa remix)
  16. Ignacio – Virton (Chris Liebing Remix)
  17. Front 242 – Tragedy (For You)