This week’s episode is all about chilling out, stretching your body, feeling the sun and enjoying the moment. If you are feeling stressed, this mix will instantly fix that shit and set you on the right mood. So push play and start day-dreaming away…

Pedro Frederico was born in Porto, Portugal. He realized, at an early age that music would play a huge role in his life. He attended the Oporto´s Conservatory for Music and obtained a degree in classical guitar. Pedro’s interest in electronic music developed later, which grew to the point of taking it to the decks. Neonlogic is the result of that passion. He has played in many diverse clubs, venues, and festivals in Portugal and Spain.

His production credits include sound design and ambient music for several exhibitions, contemporary media, and architectural projects. He digs deep to find unique tracks and to create thoughtful and memorable mixes that set a distinctive mood.


Since your style is so chill-out, what kind of parties do you like playing at?

Hi… Although, I think I can adjust to several venues, parties, and line-ups, I really love playing ambient/chill in an open-air or beach environments and festivals.

What are you trying to tell people with the music you play?

I’m trying to communicate that people can seriously dance to the deepest electronica, as i do, and chill with a blend of ambient, techno and a diversity of electronic music. Underground EDM is alive, flourishing and magically living outside of the mainstream.

What does music mean in your life?

Music is ultra important. In fact, my cells and body can´t live without it… I’m constantly listening on the dance floor and behind the decks (often at the same time). 

What is coming up for Neonlogic in 2014? (gigs, production, mixes)

I started a few parties here in Porto and they will continue through 2014 and into 2015. Hopefully, I’ll soon start broadcasting some of those on my Neonlogic World Radio streaming station. Also, my weekly live mix radio show on Dogglounge is also returning soon after August holidays.

Código, my label with partner Dave Wesley, will continue with deep releases. The second release is just a few of weeks away. In terms of production, a new collaboration/release with friend, Albert Borkent (Lingua Lustra, Sol Tek), is coming soon on his label Spiritech

Any extra words? 

Dance with your eyes closed…and with an open heart… (if you like the music).