We are proud to present to you Vasco and Adri aka RVDE from Italy. The guys has proven their ability to produce and mix quality techno, and now they have done it for us!

Enjoy this hard hitting mix, and please read our short interview with the guys where we talk about the Italy scene, their story, and more interesting techno stuff.


Tell us your short story.

We were just two individual DJs and producers in different musical scenes and we met each other during a party. So we decided to make a track together. The result was pretty different from our past styles but we like that kind of dark and hipnotic music we created. We started a brand new project under the name Rvde around the end of 2012, focused on proper techno music, without forgetting our distinctive background.

What kinda benefits do you get from being two when producing and DJing?

The main benefits is to have two heads and four ears. During production this is an exciting thing. One of us can start a project with a certain idea, but when the other put his skills and arrangements in it, the result can sounds completely different and better. We have more than a point of view and we have complete control on every detail.

Even our sets are positively influenced by being two. We like to djing in a spontaneous way, without planning any tracklist or so. During our set our feelings and tastes can change, and often the music can take advantage by that, sounding more interesting and evolving.

How is the scene over there? (what should we come over there to experience)

Coming both from other experiences, we find in techno scene a lot of new realities so stimulating. Unfortunately Italy hasn’t a real clubbing scene, but there are pretty cool movements.
We’re seeing that lot of stuff is coming out of Rome, lots of talented djs are noticed even outside italy lately (such as PVS, VSK, Fabrizio Lapiana, the well known Giorgio Gigli or Max_M just to name a few we like and support).

But we live near Milano, and in this area there’s a more fragmented scene. Many djs and producers (we like to name Emmanuel since he’s getting the attention he deserve right now), many organizations, maybe too many events but no a real co-operation between the groups. And that’s is a pity for us because other cities like Rome, Naples or the North-east area are working better than Milan nowadays.
There are also a lot of “minor scenes”, drived by a real passion for the music, who made projects above the average, but who are struggling to get noticed on a larger scale.

What is coming up for you guys in 2014?

After our debut in 2013 (with a bunch of Ep’s and a few remixes we got by Jerome Sydenham, Ricardo Garduno and Mark Broom) we was really happy with the feedback we got. We experimented a lot on sounds, structures, equipments and approach. But in 2014 we started focusing more on OUR RVDE sound. We’re working on tons of new track and remix (we have nearly two Ep ready, but we’re still looking for a label).

Also our remixes for N.D. (Flux) is just been released some days ago on Somewhere Recordings, another one for our friends Empty_Room released by Concepto Hipnotico Records and other remixes have been released in the first months of this year (like the one for Energun on Impeto Rec, and the one for MNMLX on Naughty Pills Rec).

Somewhere Rec. also released our latest ep “Hosten” (that features remix by Datch and Andrea Porcu). This Ep and all the latest productions can give you an idea of the sound we’re working on.

Anything else you want to add?

We can say more and more, but you know, we hurry to back in the studio at the moment. Jokes apart we would like to thank you Henning for the opportunity to be on this podcast series. Hope to meet you one day!

Vasco & Adri