Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by way of The Bronx, Justin Schumacher is a product of 90s hip hop and rave culture. After over a decade of hard work and dedication he has emerged as one of NYC’s most promising talents.


What can you tell us about this mix brother?

I mixed in some deeper grooves in this mix alongside the usual raw bangin stuff.

How is the underground techno scene in NY these days?

The techno scene is pretty great here. Can’t complain. So many clubs, warehouses and loft spaces with wicked lineups week in and week out. It’s booming here right now.

Which clubs is keeping it real and worth checking out?

Output of course. That place is just the perfect environment for techno. Such a dope club with an insane system. Verboten just opened up in Brooklyn as well. Sankeys/Spektrum has had some great lineups so far….also a really nice club. Some of the best parties are in these interesting warehouse and loft spaces tucked away in corners of the metropolis. the afterhours scene is also phenomenal.

What/who influences your style?

I draw inspiration from all angles, eras, and regions of techno and house music. But my sound is geared primarily for the dancefloor. DJ’s like Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, DVS1…..those guys throw down the way I like it best.

What is your techno dream?

Well I’ll say what everyone says first and that’s to play at Berghain haha. But also to be able to quit my dayjob and do music in general full time. Whether that’s touring around the world djing, producing forward thinking techno and house music, and hip hop as well. That’s the goal.


  1. Joel Morgan – Adapt
  2. Audision – Red Sky (Robag Wruhme Remix)
  3. Doubt – Cliffhanger
  4. Ercan Ates – A Matter of Dark (Justin Schumacher Remix)
  5. Ray Kajioka – Pots and Pans
  6. Ilario Liburni – True Silence
  7. Harvard Bass – Bugged
  8. Duky – Little Helper 25-2
  9. Doubt – Beauty
  10. Damien K, Sahri – Act III
  11. Whim-ee – Ov
  12. Mike Denhert – Single Action
  13. Nikola Gala – Control Your Body
  14. Samuel L. Session – Avalanche
  15. Callum Plant & Carlo Ribeiro – Raw Silence
  16. Coeter One – 02 61 (Mike Gervais Remix)
  17. Matt Sassari – Act 1
  18. Garrilo Dansek – Rewind (Andrei Morant Remix)
  19. DJ Shiva – Bonkers (Jake Conlon Remix)
  20. Audio Injection – Corridor
  21. Edit Select – Bauer Reprise
  22. Glenn Birc – Positiv Nedtur
  23. Justin Schumacher – Radium
  24. David Temessi – Tmmr
  25. Chevel – Cave Dwellings
  26. Santos – Garlic
  27. Dustin Zahn – Sundays in Berlin
  28. RAR – Hool
  29. Sasch BBC, Caspar – Freak Out (Figueroa & Obando Remix)
  30. Mathew Dear – Dog Days
  31. Joeski – Night Train
  32. Pepe Arcade – 271
  33. Korova – Hashima (Mike Parker Remix)
  34. Hans Bouffmyhre – Bring it Back (Oscar Mulero Remix)
  35. Axkan – Abnormal (Doubt Remix)
  36. Israel Toledo – Disturbing

Soundcloud: justinschumacher