Welcome androids to this week’s Monument podcast. For this episode we digged deep into Russia`s scene, and found Wunderblock Records: an electronic music project from Moscow.

Three techno-masterminds met up to create something new, all adding their different spice to the soup. This podcast was recorded during back-2-back session by Michael Teploff and Vladimir Kochenov.


What inspired the creation of Wunderblock?

It was an idea to fill the gap between experimental electronica and dance culture…

How is the techno scene in Moscow today?

Actually techno scene in Russia is pretty dead…The Govt’s politics and the overall situation in the country is like a noose on the neck for creative people, and sure they all are looking for Europe as for the exit from the fascistic State…

Which techno club should you absolutely not miss if in Moscow (without the obvious Arma17)?

There is only Monasterio club has regular techno parties in Moscow, and it has an excellent unique Void Incubus sound system, which has been already tested by many big techno names. Unfortunately Arma17 now became more house-oriented club…

What kind of sound are you searching for with Wunderblock?

Now with our brand new label Wunderblock Records (wunderblock.org/) we are searching for more underground, techno and dub sound.


  1. Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask – Vaporware 04 – Spectrum Spools [SP029]
  2. Survex – Srx-01 (Iori Remix) – Shapeless Records [S007]
  3. Henning Baer – Lucent Face – K-209 [K-209-3]
  4. AnD – Making Circles (Svreca Remix) – Repitch Recordings [REPITCH003]
  5. Obtane & Giorgio Gigli – The Revolt Of The Objects (Svreca Remix) – Zooloft [ZOOLOFT00J]
  6. Acronym – Photosynthesis – Northern Electronics [NE2]
  7. Abdulla Rashim – Asayita 2 – Abdulla Rashim Records [ARR002]
  8. NX1 – NX1 04 012 – NX1 [NX1-04]
  9. Inigo Kennedy – VHSK II – Token [TOKEN036]
  10. Iori – Passing Thru – Prologue [PRG033]
  11. Svreca – Seda Muerta (Female Remix)
  12. Svreca – Övergång (Original Mix) – Warm Up Recordings [WU036]
  13. SNTS – S5 – SNTS [SNTS002]
  14. N.d – Destroyer – Trivmvirate [TWL001]
  15. Ø [Phase] – Dirtro II – Token [TOKEN037]
  16. A Vision Of Love – Our Education – Avian Music [AVN012]
  17. Charlton – The Road To Emptiness – Mord [MORD002]
  18. Cassegrain – Ignite – Prologue [PRG030]
  19. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Marcel Dettmann Base Dub Remix) – Mote-Evolver [MOTE030]
  20. Dino Sabatini – Vision Quest – Prologue [PRG028]
  21. The Gods Planet – Radio Universe (Outro) – On2Sides

Artwork: Eric Ceccarini