“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and liveliness to life and to everything.” – Plato

Jönsson Tõll aka Pedro Coelho from Portugal is a DJ and producer with a release Reaktivate. A record label with a somewhat unconventional approach to the music industry. He also has other releases on Tono Ltd (worth checking out). As a listener you await a two hour set mixed flawlessly with tracks from artist like… well you would just have to find out on your own. We are happy to contribute by sharing this exciting mix, so kick back and and enjoy the ride.


Give us the short version about Reaktivate’s philosophy

I didn’t start the label, but the main reason to create the label was mainly to share new unknown artists that were creating their own style and we still manage to do that. You just have to look for the last releases from us.

How did your interest in techno music come about?

I grew up when the internet started to kick in hard in our lives so I somewhat managed to find techno music. Can’t really say what I did to do it I just know that I started to listen to “club music” when i listened for the 1st time “ame-rej”

What is your take on the techno scene today?

I’m not happy with it to be honest. There’s no originality. People do all the same. Of course there are artists that produce different things from what’s going on in the current scene but they’re not easy to find, but one thing i can say, the place to find is in one country… Sweden. Swedish artists are doing some brilliant music.

What defines a good DJ and artist? Give us your opinion

I don’t know maybe when a DJ is able to keep people interested in his mixing during the whole set and when a DJ is able to play a set with various styles in it and manages to still keep the vibe and one example of this 2 things is Donato Dozzy. He plays break-beat, house, techno, minimal in his sets and he manages to keep the vibe during the whole set and it’s amazing.

If you knew you were to be placed on a deserted island and was allowed to bring one personal item, what would that be?

My record vinyl record of “Sleep-Dopesmoker”.