Welcome back for a new episode! Our Guest for this week is Virulent (Kevin Farabaugh) from the U.S. Growing up in Northwest Indiana, amidst the desolate ruins of dying steel mills, he took an early interest in electronic music in many forms, ranging from early 90s techno and house sounds being broadcast on the radio waves of nearby Chicago to the darker sounds of industrial artists from that city’s Wax Trax! roster.

Lately he has put out a release on Dystopian Rhythm, a Detroit-based label focused on the harder, grittier side of techno. Techno you say? Well here is some for you!

Track list:

  1. Chevel – Crossing (Non Series)
  2. Altstadt Echo – 1948 Concrete Schaeffer (Blank Code Ltd)
  3. Uun – Grip (More Or Less)
  4. Will Azada & Alex Falk – The Dark Room 01 (unreleased)
  5. Flug – Count In (Amazone Records Ltd)
  6. Nikola Gala – Fluxx (Enemy)
  7. DJ Shiva – Pride Before [Andrei Morant Mix] (Different Is Different)
  8. Mod3rn – Mo2 (Mod3rn)
  9. Raiz – Cored 1 (VRV)
  10. Reinier Zonneveld – Reverse Psychology [Submerge Mix] (Illegal Alien)
  11. Justin Schumacher – Radium (Unknown Territory)
  12. Urbano – Leatus (UFT)
  13. Talismann – Mars Wars (Talismann)
  14. Truncate – Control v1 (Truncate)
  15. Virulent – Would You Kindly (Ill Bomb Records…?)
  16. Suberme, Ricardo Garduno & Steve Poindexter – Back The Funk Up (Impact Mechanics)
  17. DJ Shiva – Bonkers [Owen Sands Mix] (Format)
  18. Ryogo Yamamori – Lost [MAUW mix] (Slap Jaxx)
  19. Oscar Mulero – Electric Storm (Pole Group)
  20. PVS – Arsenal [CTRLS mix] (M_REC)
  21. Gazza – After DC10 [Virulent Remake] (The Seed)
  22. Owen Sands – Turmoil [Komprezzor Mix] (Ill Bomb Records)