What does MTD stand for?

MTD is just an abbreviation and stands for “method”.

Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

Well, my inspiration came from a lot of different artists and genres of electronic music. One of the first and maybe one of the biggest is probably Plastikman, but there are also a ton of other old and new artists. I’m also a big fan of all the UK Techno, then often I take inspiration from artist like James Ruskin, Regis, Surgeon, Blawan, AnD, Truss etc.

Why techno?

Because after listening a lot of different genres in music I understood that techno is the one that I really love. I think it’s the most complete genre in electronic music.

Describe a perfect DJ set.

I don’t know if I can describe a perfect DJ set, because every set depends mainly on the situation and on what you feel to play during that night! Personally I prefer the long DJ set (at least 3-4 hours) because in this way the DJ has time to approach the crowd and play what he/she really feels…

How is 2014 going to be for you, and for Sonntag Morgen Rec?

We have some big projects for 2014 with my label, 3 vinyls already scheduled. The first one (SM003V) will be out January 13th with 4 original tracks signed by me and Tracy (the other owner of the label). After that one we have some big remixes coming out on SM004V and SM005V.

In my regards I have 2 gigs confirmed in January and others to be confirmed for the next months. Also, I will be releasing tracks and remixes both on vinyl and digital on some interesting labels that I can’t announce yet.

Track list:

  1. Ken Karter – Synaptic X12
  2. Kangding Ray – Thar
  3. MTD – Basement
  4. Hector Oaks – Warten (Conrad Van Orton remix)
  5. Kwartz – Black Chromosome
  6. Juho Kahilainen – The Fuck Up
  7. Kike Pravda – Duality
  8. Ken Karter – Synaptic X11
  9. Oscar Mulero – Resistance
  10. MTD – Breathless
  11. CTRLS – Displacer (Sleeparchive Version 1)
  12. Kwartz – Genome (Kostnic remix)
  13. AnD – Making Circles
  14. Paula Temple – Colonized (Perc metal mix)