Welcome to another episode with the Monument podcast. Our guest for this week is Juho Kahilainen, a Finnish DJ and producer who started his career by pushing techno tracks back in the nineties.

Next to being a journalist and family man, Juho has had limited time devote to his passion for music. But despite this he has put out some releases on labels like BPitch Control, Prologue and M_Rec Ltd. He has also produced under his own label HYV, a label that concentrates on strictly “raw” music with machines like TR-909, TR-808, TR-606 and SH-101.


Well that’s a lot said about the past, what about the present? Juho is currently working on his second M_Rec release hopefully to be released vary soon. So grab your copy as soon as it hits the record shop. Also he working and releasing a second HYV featuring not only himself, but collaboration with Juho and his friend.

We are truly thankful that we have the opportunity to broadcast this mix and would like to say that it reflects a warmth and soul that has been put into the making of this set. It consists of some new and old tracks witch is matched in good harmony. There’s nothing else to do but enjoy.

Track list:

  1. Claude Young presents Twine: Untitled (Surface, SF005)
  2. Female: Contact (Downwards, DNLP04)
  3. Gaetek: Z.A.R. Sistem (Primate Recordings, PRMT018)
  4. Asma: Birds (M_Rec Ltd. Grey Series, MRECLTDGS03)
  5. Liss C.: Modulation – Truncate remix (LC Series, LCS02)
  6. Pacou: H-Drive (Tresor, Tresor 99)
  7. Oliver Ho: Devices (Surface, SF003)
  8. Surgeon meets Outline: Golden Age (Surface, TRB001)
  9. Sleeparchive: A Man Dies in The Street Pt.1 – 1 (Tresor, Tresor 260)
  10. Stanislav Tolkachev: Naked Flash (Semantica Nonnative, NNN 04)
  11. James Ruskin: Time & Place (Blueprint, BPLP1)
  12. Olliver Ho: Wonders (Blueprint, BP009)
  13. Marco Carola: Ante Zenit 1 – Untitled (Zenit, ANTEZENIT001)
  14. Myles Serge: The Visitor (RE(FORM), RE(FORM)-08)
  15. James Ruskin: Unknown Destination (Blueprint, BPLP1)
  16. Equinox: Into Battle – Joey Beltram remix (Synewave, SW38)
  17. Gaetek: Slob-ice (Primate Recordings, PRMT015)
  18. Surgeon: Barrier Method (Downwards, LINO 07)