In this 15th podcast, we welcome the french techno activist Tyler Smith aka Black Smith Craft – (Audiocrash, UTCH, Limetree, Digital Distorstions).

Techno unsung hero and veteran Tyler Smith, producer and DJ from northern France has built a global reputation over the last 15 years for his diverse releases and energetic performances. Even if his appearances on scene were rare, he played in some of the most respected clubs and festivals across Europe since the late 2000’s under his aliases Tyler Smith and Black Smith Craft; Detatched in Leeds, Reverb parties in London, Trust party at Queen’s day in Amsterdam and more recently at Resonance in Birmingham in 2012.


A true activist and altruist minded dude, Tyler has built his reputation on his continued effort to promote a wide range of new material thanks to his huge contribution on FM and web radios from 2007 to now. 
His DJ sets has been spotlighted by many podcast promoters for the past years because of his never failing track selection and skill at decks.

In real life, Tyler is your neighbour, your colleague at work, your best friend or the dude walking in the street… No distinctive signs (underground undercover). But put a mixer in the man’s hand and you’ll find out he knows his stuff.