In this mix we introduce Ronny Rabalder. Born in Ålesund, he started playing with vinyl in 95. After listening to Carl Cox at Velvet Underground in 97 he knew techno was the purpose. Ronny was known for playing heavy and dark Detroit techno which had a natural push and drive to it, so called “traktor techno”. He played all over Ålesund and finally moved to Oslo where he became a member of the legendary Sunkissed crew.

You can catch Ronny playing in some of Oslo`s best clubs, from the heart of culture at Blå to the dark cellar at The Villa and of course at his new home, Jaeger.

Ronnys style varies from both house and techno, but he will never forget the true passion and inspiration coming from the deep rhythms of Berlin which you will hear if you catch him playing.



  1. Dadub – Existence (Kangding Ray rmx) – Stroboscopic Artefacts
  2. WAX 30303
  3. Alexey Volkov – Eclipstraat – Planete Rouge
  4. Bas Mooy – Desolaat – Gynoid Audio
  5. Shed – Citylicker (Ecoplex Soundlite Touch rmx) – Soloaction Rec
  6. Bleak – Synonym – Animal Farm Rec
  7. Paul Mac – Hotel Insomnia (Marcel Fengler ‘Sleepless’ rmx) – EPM Music
  8. Mathias Woot – MWD – EarToGround
  9. Ben Gibson – Siphon
  10. NX1 – MZ2 – Modularz
  11. Ilario Alicante – Echosides (Markus Suckut rmx) – Pushmaster Discs
  12. Angèlis & Search – Isolator (A&S rmx) – A&S
  13. Psyk – Transito – Modularz
  14. Limo – Boot Break (Mike Dehnert rmx) – Fachwerk Rec
  15. Truss – Beacon – Our Circula Sound
  16. TJ Kong & Eric de Man – Luid (Mark Broom rmx) – Art
  17. Angèlis & Search – Five 001 – A&S
  18. Shifted – Bloodless – Mote Evolver
  19. Marcel Dettmann – Push – Ostgut Ton

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