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Submit your techno music to Monument, and get a chance to publish it to thousands of listeners.

Are you tired of promoting your music through channels that are not really working? Are you tired of sending your music to blogs, labels and promoters, but not hearing anything back?

We in Monument want to help you solve this, and now give you the opportunity to submit new music through our blog.

Why send music to Monument?

  • Your music will be accessible for thousands of readers, all around the world – which will give you exposure to new listeners and music professionals
  • Monument is one of the few worldwide blogs focusing entirely on techno music
  • You will get a chance to receive honest feedback on your music
  • Having your music written about in our blog, will organically boost your online presence in search giants like Google


  • We only accept content related to Techno music
  • The article needs to be 300-500 words, with original text (no copy from other webpages)
  • You need to provide a cover photo for the article
  • All articles that are submitted will be thoroughly analyzed by our team – and we cannot guarantee a spot on the webpage.
  • Ddd the track/album URLs in the post