Hogun is an experienced DJ, event organizer and musical director in Seoul. In 2022, he founded his new Itaewon club Atdge, where he invites emerging & established artists every weekend to deliver their vision on music.

In addition to Atdge, Hogun is also a co-founder of podcast series Tread, which strives to endlessly support underground artists and create a good environment for the music scene in Seoul.

With 14 years experience as a DJ, Hogun has developed a versatile approach to DJing. Through this approach he is able to adapt to various settings to deliver the performance that crowds are often craving for. His sets are exclusively vinyl-only sets and can consist of a diverse, wide-range of sounds.

We are thrilled to have invited Hogun to deliver a meticulously-mixed vinyl set for episode 360 of the MNMT Podcast. Enjoy the 1-hour mix showcasing Hogun’s vision on techno, encompassing diverse, warm, and energetic vibrations.